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Nobody can give you equality or take it


Powerful and powerless

Rape of Hassan symbolic of powerful exploiting powerless (Afghanistan and occupation)
"Hassan never denied me anything"- had no power to


Normalised war

"Afghan children whose ears would know nothing but the sound of bombs"- higher government impacting on the lives of citizens


Status and wealth

Amir and Baba can flee the conflict, his sheltered life mirrored in the darkened alleyway. Blameless, act was covered. Suggests corruption under the surface (religion, government)

Only Assef invulnerable, his henchmen also suffer (Kamal raped)fight scene shows he is unused to being challenged

Rich region Wazir-Akbar-Khan not damaged in conflict
"Through my bedroom window" cannot empathise, remains passive


Power of nations

Constant political turmoil, soviet occupation made worse. Weapons provided turned on own people "kalishnikovs". Disrespect Afghan custom (wedding song)
"Communist propaganda" imposed on fragile societies (like Taliban)

"Hadn't he been taller in Kabul?" US degrades refugees, no status
"Barely gave Sohrab a glance", like refugee crisis, looking away from consequence of own actions


Hope for Afghanistan, own identity

"Afghans are an independent people"



Absence of female characters, narrated by males

Suppression of voices "ministry of vice and virtue does not allow women to speak loudly"
"Half hour with the lady...price for letting us pass"- women used as sexual currency

Viewed as damaged goods after affair, valued for virginity. Humiliated and shamed, forced to cut off hair
Discriminated for race and gender "punished for her beauty", no social support for her
Singing voice silenced in marriage, absence of women's voices


Repeated themes

"One eyed Assef" fulfils fathers threat, saving Amir- the people will prosper in their protest

Amir runs the kite for Sohrab like Hassan did for him, repaid debts


Tension, climax and resolve

"Monster...swimming at the bottom waiting"-underlying political tensions

Phone call with Rahim Khan- chance for redemption

No carsickness, atoned for sins and sees himself as Baba wrestling the bear. Challenged racism like Baba



"I never thought of Hassan and me as friends" cannot see past racial differences, not equals

"I'm so dirty and full of sin" society makes Hazaras believe they're worthless. Groups SHOULD combine to overthrow real threat:extremism (they are brothers!)

"Blood is a powerful thing"- defined by heritage, brotherly bond or the blood spilled in conflict

No history in school books, servants. Even 'nice' characters like Faris harbour ingrained, unchallenged racism


Religious corruption

"Powerless...before God's greatness"- manipulation in name of God, render people powerless in society and validate control. Image of Jesus suggests can happen in any faith.
"Bought their scotch as medicine"- corrupt faith
"Green burqua...screaming" death of Islam, peace
"Mecca came loose"- removal of peaceful religion, used for conflict


Decline of a country and turmoil

Freedom of sport replaced with executions and deindividuation. Afghanistan humanised, a victim

"Suddenly Afghanistan changed forever"
"Era of bloodletting" defined by violence, 'for own good'

Amir sees reality of Afghanistan hardship (man selling leg etc) and feels like a "tourist"


Affect on citizens and hope for recovery

"Sohrab's silence wasn't the self-imposed silence"
Can't tell the world what happened, removal of Afghanistan's voice. Attempted suicide, individual effects of conflict

"Now he is beautiful again"- hope for recovery
"There is a way to be good again"- reader and western world can atone


Moral obligation of reader

"Brotherhood between people who fed from the same breast"-similarities not differences, protect others like a brother (nations who stood by)

"We're the same, you and I" reader (bystander) equally responsible as perpetrator


Personification of Afghanistan

"An old friend"

Contrast of utopian/dystopian imagery


Western understanding

Images that can be related to "coca-cola"
Knowledge based on media coverage


Societal corruption

Hassan animalised as a "lamb" but sacrificed for Pashtuns

Wealthy young men in car crash excused by the judge


Realisation of speaking out against tyranny

Amir conformed to racism as a child

Carving names as Sultans implies their potential for a multi-faith unity and brotherhood. The carving has later "dulled" suggesting he should have spoken out publicly



Quote, Afghanistan's identity resulting from conflict
Quote, Afghanistan's state following the conflict

"Afghans had managed to live in peaceful anonymity for decades"

"Unhappy, chronically troubled, afflicted land"



Golden gate bridge-
Achievements of man, civilised contrasts war torn Afghanistan

Alleyway- enclosed area, suffocating hierarchical society