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what does Piggy represent

- civilisation
- law and order
- the adult world


what do Piggy's repetition and reference to his auntie suggest

that some form of society and order is needed in order to form a civilisation


what quotes reflect Piggy's maturity and attachment to the outside world

- calling the boys a "crowd of kids"
- "what's the grown ups going to think?"


how is the turn to violence and loss of individuality symbolised

through the painting of faces as the "become unrecognisable"


what is the significance of Piggy and Ralph calling the meet ups called from the conch "assemblies"

it reflects their boyish natures and attachment to society as they keep the language used in school


what does the nature of the assembly turn into and why

- they become used to mock and humiliate turning it into an arena for blame and conflict
- this is because of the clash between two natural leaders who have different ways of running things


why does Jack seem to be rejected from the main group of boys

- because although he wants to be the overall leader, he refuses to accept responsibility, a needed attribute for a leader
- so he turns to leading the hunters like a tyrant


what does Ralph try to act like when arguments begin to arise

the bridge between two opposing sides, like a government


what quote at the end of the novel directly links savagery to play

the navy officer who describes the hunt for Ralph as "fun and games"


what is the effect of collective responsibility in the hunters

- they can all kill without feeling remorse or responsibility
- dancing and chanting becomes more powerful and aggressive


what is the effect of Roger killing Piggy and what belief of Golding's does it prove

- destroyed any hope that law and order could bee restored
- proves Golding's view that evil lies within


how does Piggy reflect civilisation

- he is a thinker and scientist
- he thinks and make choices which is what is needed for a civilisation to be stable and grow


what do Ralph and Piggy use to try to hold unto civilisation with

the conch