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Background of Mekong River (4)

- originated on the Tibetan Plateau (South China Sea)
- 1867 The French expedition to China
- Thailand (Siam) a buffer state for the British and French
- last major river for exploit of trade and resources


Navigation of the Mekong (4)

- Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma heavily rely on China (power house)
- Khone fall is the reason why the Mekong river is not fully navigable into China
- 37 days to travel to Saigon to Luang Prabang
- build railroads towards toward China


Pros of Mekong Regional Development (3)

- economic growth
- renewable energy source
- hydroelectric power cleaner than coal fire


Cons of Mekong Regional Development (8)

- altering ecosystem causing erosion and flooding
- decrease in biodiversity and extinction
- increase pollution from boat traffic
- loss of culture and livelihood
- China increase use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides = eutrification and contamination
- 90% of farmer rely on the river
- Thailand and Vietnam main exporter of rice
- increase consumer consumption will increase non bio gradable garbage


Effects of Dam on the lower Mekong (5)

- second most biodiverse river to the Amazon
- fish species in Lake Tonal Sap are migrating and travel upstream to spawn providing majority of protein for Cambodia
- Chinese dams along upper Mekong has enable lower countries to create dams
- fishes requiring migration above and below these dam sites to survives
- heavily relying on the river bank


Erosion, and the cause of Dams (3)

- strategies to allow fish to travel above and below dams
- use of fish ladder fails
- impact of dam can lead to a collapse of an entire food chain in Lower Mekong


The Impact of Dams on the Mekong (6)

- disruption of natural sediment transfer downstream
- reduction in deposit of new alluvial rich sediment for agriculture
- prevent delta deposition out to sea
- destruction of mangroves which hold sediment in place and rise in sea level
- Vietnam is second largest exporter of rice, making it global food security
- struggle as the world needs to produce 1/3 more food to feed the population by 2050


Future scenarios of the Environmental and Resource Management of the Mekong (2)

- for Mekong sub region can affect conflict among countries
- trans-boundary agreement is critical


Addressing the sustainability of the region (3)

- health and biosphere of Mekong
- proposed to stop production
- regulation of current dam may help reverse the damage already cause to the Mekong


The Worst-case scenario for the Mekong River (2)

- famine and massive human migration
- regional conflict for mismanagement


The Main point of the movie: Damming the Mekong (6)

- Vietnam and Cambodia uncertainty in the dams
- Laos confident to build the dams
- bad for social welfare, environment, and economy
- villagers would need to relocate but would provide them with schools, road, bridges
- investment for Laos would come from Thailand and Vietnam due to desperation in international funding
- important of rice production and Thailand growing city need electricity