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Does T.T.H. conform to Todorov's theory of narrative?

- No


What has been 'hidden' from the spectator during the film within a film shrinking lover scene?

- Alicia being raped by Benigno


What other events take place off-screen elsewhere in the film?

- Lydia's death
- Alicia coming out of her comma and her failed birth
- Benigno being arrested
- Alicia's accident
- Benigno's trial
- Lydia and El Nino getting back together


Does the audience know whether Benigno has raped Alicia or not? How and why?

- We can infer it, as we draw similarities between both Alicia and Amparo
- Lava lamp - menstrual blood


How does Almodovar's use of particular narrative techniques link to the overall theme of the film?

- Silent film, inter-cutting between the hospital and the silent film, also supports the theme of communication which verbally is absent in this scene.
-Impossible love, Alicia cannot give consent, just as Amparo is asleep whilst Alfredo performs his act upon her.


A response to Benigno's alleged rape of Alicia. And how it makes you respond. And an interpretation of the meaning in the final scenes?

- You almost feel bad for Benigno as he has not had a life for himself and has instead spent it caring for others.
- This is further enforced by the fact that he had to take care of his mother who we assume was an 'evil woman' - enforced by the silent film
- Benigno reborn into Marco - Redemption
- Alicia's reawakening is a metaphor for Spain being re awoken and reborn post Franco.