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What does Telemachus say to Eurymachus ?
(Book one)

'Thoughtful Telemachus answered him: Eurymachus... I no longer trust the news from here or the news from there; I heed no prophetic here to question him."'


What does Penelope say to the suitors ? (Book two)

'Young men who after Odysseus' death have come here to woo me, you are eager for this marriage with me; nevertheless I ask your patience till I have finished weaning this robe...'


What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is? (Book nine)

'Cyclops, you ask what name I boast of. I will tell you...My name is Noman...'


How does Athene disguise Odysseus? (Book seven)

Odysseus meanwhile was setting out on his walk to the town. Athene poured a thick mist around him;'


What phrase is repeated that is in relation to Penelope ?
(all throughout the text)

'Wise Penelope'


How does Penelope quiz Odysseus when he comes home? (Book 23)

we two shall soon know each other better, because we have certain secret tokens, known to ourselves but hidden from all others.'


What speech does Penelope make to the suitors? (Book four)

'Friends, hear me speak...the storm-winds have snatched my only son from the house, and this moreover without my knowledge; I heard not a word of his setting out; not even you, you hard-hearted women, thought of rousing me from my bed...'


What does Penelope say to the Gods? (Book twenty)

'let Artemis slay me with her arrows, that so I may pass beneath cheerless earth with Odysseus himself in my heart's vision.'


How does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his true name? (Book nine)

'Cyclops, if anyone among mortal men should ask who put your eye in this ugly fashion, say that the one who blinded was Odysseus the city-sacker, son of Laertes and dweller in Ithaca.


How does Odysseus pray? (Book five)

'Hear me, Lord, whosoever you may be. I find in you an answer to all my prayers, as I seek a refuge...'


What does Odysseus say to the suitors at the end of the epic? (Book 22)

'Dogs! You thought I should never come home again to Troy...and in cowardly fashion wooed my wife while I still was living...'


What does Telemachus say to his nurse? (Book two)

'Take heart, dear nurse; this purpose of mine came from a God. But now you must swear to tell my mother nothing of this...'


What does Telemachus say when he is reunited with Odysseus? (Book sixteen)

'You are not Odysseus, not my father; no, same god is beguiling me, only to make me grieve and despair the more.'


What does Athene say to Odysseus? (Book thirteen)

'I will wrinkle the smooth skin over your lissom body...'