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When was the Short Parliament and what happened?

April - May 1640. Charles recalled Parliament as needed money. Get subsidies then listen to grievances. Dissolved : Charles believed he could get resources from elsewhere, use the Irish army, Strafford was ill and Parliamennt did not trust the King.


When was the Long Parliament and what happened?

Treaty of Ripon - forced Charles to recall Parliament. Charles had no money, needed to make concessions and was unprepared for amout of opposition. No choice. Weak militarily, politically and financially.


What were the strengths of Charles I?

Power with House of Lords. Legal system for own means. Auhtority of foreign policy. Advisors such as Laud and Wentworth. Resources from 3 kingdoms. Charles was still King.


What were the weaknesses of Charles I?

Created opposition. Laud and Strafford were impeached. Triennial Act - Parliament called every 3 years. Bill of Attainder - Strafford guilty without trial. Prerogative courts and ship money abolished. King wasn't trusted.


What were the strengths of Parliament?

Mostly united against the King. Intellectuals. Support from Londoners. Militia Bill - control of the army. Triennial Act - Parliament had to be called. Removal of Kings key advisors.


What were the weaknesses of Parliamennt?

Couldn't agree what to do - indecision. Root and Branch petition - intense debates. Ten propositions - showed indecision. Charles was still King. Grand Remonstrance - divided MPs, showed a royalist party.


When and what was the Root and Branch Petition?

1640. Intense debate over reforming the Church away from Laud. Abolish bisops and dismantle struture of the Church of England. Everyone had different opinions - divisive.


When and what were the Ten Propositions?

1640. Rambling documet on settlement with the King, limit his power. Includes: approval of Privy Council, control over royaal education. Radical. Rejected.


When and what were the Bridge Appointments?

1640. Restoring a good relationship with the King. Give Charles financial stability. Charles hold regular Parliaments. Bedford was secretly woring with the Covenanters.


What acts did Parliament bring in?

Prerogative courts, eg Star Chamber, abolished (July 1641) - King can't enforce rules. Ship money declared illegal - no way of collecting money.


When and what was the Triennial Act?

Feb 1641. Parliament to be called every 3 years. No more personal rule. Parliament could assemble wihtout being called by the King.


When and what was the Bill of Attainder?

May 1641. Easier to act against Strafford. Charles gave his assent to the Bill - felt as if he betrayed Strafford.