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Who wrote this poem?

William Wordsworth


What sort of poem is this?

Autobiographical poem


What does it explore

Key moments in his life, explores connection between nature and human emotion and way human identity shaped by experience


What type of poet is William?

Romantic poet


What quote shows fear of mountain?

‘ I struck and struck again’


Describe the quote ‘I struck and struck again’

Narrator rows away from mountain more and more comes into view, seems like mountain is getting bigger suggests nightmare.


What language does ‘I struck and struck again’

Repetition of sibilant sounds creating a sinister mood.


How is the narrator less confident at the end of the extract.

He’s troubled by ‘huge and mighty forms’ of nature he glimpsed. Nature described as powerful, conscious being that influences our lives.


At the start of the poem what quote shows narrator to be confident and arrogant

‘Proud of his skill’


The extract In first person sounds personal and describes turning point in poets life. What use of language does poet use for it to sound important and like a speech?

Blank verse


Nature is presented as powerful and frightening, what other poems does this link to?

Storm on island and exposure