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What two types of education are there

Formal and informal


What is formal education

Takes place in education institutions such as schools and universities where people learn knowledge and skills across a wide range of subjects


What is informal education

Takes place when people develop knowledge and skills by observing what is happening around them in everyday life


What does the functionalist approach focus on in education

The positive functions that the education system performs in society


What do functionalists say education does for our society

It serves the needs of enconomy
Provides selection
It facilitates social mobility
It encourages Britishness and social cohesion
It’s a girl of secondary socialisation
It’s a form of social control


What is the Marxist approach to education

It is critical of the role of the education system in capitalist society
It sees the education system as benefitting privileged groups and reinforcing social inequalities over time


What is social cohesion

A glue that bonds everybody in society and unites different people together


How do functionalists think the education system facilitates social mobility

It enables individuals to move up the social ladder
Able students from disadvantaged backgrounds have opportunities to achieve qualifications that allows them to move up


How is the education system a form of social control

It teaches pupils to conform and accept rules and adult authority


How do Marxists say that education is breeding competition

Through sport and exams students are encouraged to accept values such as competition
And this helps to maintain the capitalist system because it’s based on competition


How do Marxists say that education reproduces the class system

It rewards pupils fairly based on their individual abilities however it actually cavities pupils from more advantages backgrounds and over time education recreates the advantages that some social class groups have over others


How do Marxists suggest education is a form of secondary socialisation

It socialises working class children to accept their lower position in capitalist society and they learn to accept hierarchy at school and obey rules