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What are the Professional Groups?

RICS segments the various technical specialisms of the profession into 17 groups


What are the benefits of getting involved in a professional group?

Opportunity to connect, network and engage with other professionals in your field

Utilise your professional expertise through contribution to standards, guidance and technical journals

Share market insight with RICS to influence future direction of the profession

Alerts and updates on latest standards, guidance and practice developments via the RICS Insight Community

The use of alternative designations (e.g. Chartered Quantity Surveyor)


What are the 17 professional groups?

Building Control
Building Surveying
Commercial Property
Dispute Resolution
Environment and Resources
Facilities Management
Machinery and Business Assets
Management Consultancy
Minerals and Waste Management
Planning and Development
Personal Property/Arts and Antiques
Project Management
Quantity Surveying and Construction
Residential Property


How can you get more involved with your professional group?

1. Join the RICS Insight Community
2. Participate in a Leaders Forum
3. Join a Working Group to develop standards or technical content
4. Join a Sector Forum