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What is the subtalar joint classified structurally as?

synovial joint (with synovial fluid)
functionally: plane synovial joint


What are the articulating surfaces of the subtalar joint?

1. inferior surface of the body of the talus (posterior talar articular surface)
2. superior surface of calcaneus (posterior calcaneal articular facet)

the talus is stacked on top of the calcaneus


What is the subtalar joint?

articulation between 2 of the tarsal bones in the foot (talus + calcaneus)


What is the subtalar joint enclosed by?

a joint capsule - lined by synovial membrane


What are the ligaments supporting the subtalar joint?

1. posterior talocalcaneal ligament
2. medial talocalcaneal ligament
3. lateral talocalcaneal ligament

4. Interosseus talocalcaneal ligament (in between the talus + calcaneus within subtalar joint)


What is the function of the interosseous talocalcaneal ligament and where does it lie?

acts to bind talus and calcaneus together
lies within the SINUS TARSI (small cavity between the talus and calcaneus)
particularly strong
providing majority of the ligamentous stability to the joint


Which movements is the subtalar joint the chief site for? why? which muscles is it produced by?

generation of inversion and eversion
subtalar joint is formed on an oblique axis
produced by muscles in lateral compartment and tibialis anterior + posterior


Does subtalar joint participate in plantar or dorsiflexion of the foot? why?

nature of the articulating surfaces means subtalar has NO role in plantar and dorsiflex of foot


What is the vascular supply to the subtalar joint?

(from the posterior leg)
posterior tibial and fibular arteries


What is the nerve supply to the subtalar joint?

(all nerves of the foot)
medial / lateral plantar nerve (posterior nerves)
dorsal aspect of joint by deep fibular nerve (anterior)


Clinical: calcaneal fracture
what type of injury would it be from? what happens in the injury? what does it result int?

from 'crush' injury e.g. falling from height onto heel
talus driven into calcaneus (superior into inferior)
bone can break into several pieces - comminuted fracture
calcaneus appears shorter and wider on x-ray


clinical: What are the chronic problems caused by calcaneal fracture?

subtalar joint usually disrupted
causing joint to become ARTHRITIC
patient experience pain on Inversion and Eversion
walking on uneven ground painful