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After the Easter Rising who did the PM (Asquith) send to try and resolve the Irish question between Unionists and Nationalists? How did they try?

Lloyd George set up a meeting between them to try and understand each others perspectives


What was the result of the 1916 meeting between nationalists and unionists?

IPP came to terms with the fact that Home Rule would only be a possibility if the accepted the temporary exclusion of Ulster 6 counties. However the unionists denied and so it was overall a failure


What events would unexpectedly mark the beginning of the Sinn Fein party in 1917?

A series of victories in by-elections in 1917 for candidates who represented separatist attitudes for Ireland


Who was the most notable/important person that won his 1917 by election?

Eamon De Valera


What was the problem for the newly elected MP's in terms of political representation?

They did not have a party to represent them


What events would act as a trigger for the emergence of a separatist movement?

- Return of Irish volunteers from British internment gained public sympathy, were also powerful and supported separatism
- Sinn Fein began to support more separatist candidates in by elections which resulted in expansion of politicians in favour of it
- 10th Sinn Fein Ard Fheis elected De Valera as president separatism was now specifically affiliated with one party


What two events regarding WW1 resulted in increased sympathy and support for Sinn Fein?

- British governments attempted introduction of conscription
- German Plot


How many seats did Sinn Fein and the IPP win in the 1918 election?

SF: 73
IPP: 6


What did Sinn Fein MPs do after the 1918 election?

Refused to take up their seat in HofC and instead created the Dáil (Unofficial by this point, Irish government)


What was the British reaction to the creation of the Dáil?

Sent in troops to try and regain power and temporarily impose Martial law


What subsequently broke out between the Irish and British after the British sent in troops?

Anglo-Irish War


How long did the Anglo-Irish war last?



What sort of tactics did the Irish use?



How many Irish nationalists were killed in the war?



Which organisation carried out most of the fighting on the Irish side and who lead them?

IRB Michael Collins


How many deaths did the British and Irish unionists suffer?



What was the British government forced to introduce after it realised it was not going to win? When did it come into action?

Government of Ireland Act 1920
June 1921


What did the Government of Ireland Act do?

Established Home Rule for Southern and Northern Ireland separately


Which party received a vast amount of support after the Easter Rising?

Sinn Fein


At the Buckingham Palace conference, what did Redmond suggest that should happen to the Ulster counties that Carson sternly disagreed with?

That the counties of ulster have a county by county vote to possibly opt out of the home Rule Bill