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What camera work does Almodovar opt for in Talk to Her?

-POV shots - voyerism during the scene that Marco is in Benigno's flat staring out at the dance studio
-Close up shots - particularly of women (Alicia), present her from Benigno's point of view (almost objectifying her)


Key uses of Mise-en-scene?

-Colour red - usually used to make a connection between characters, for example Alicia and Marco when Alicia is in the dance studio (foreshadowing their future relationship).
-Hospital ward setting (Melodrama)
-Pathetic Fallacy (Melodrama) - prison and Alicia's car crash


Key uses of sound?

-Classical music/dramatic sound track
-Narration - Benigno reading his final letter
-Contrapuntal sound - Classical music making the cruel sport of bullfighting seem like an art form
-Live performance - at Lydia and Marco's retreat


Key uses of Editing?

-Non linear narrative
-Emitting sections of the narrative (controlling information Marco and Lydia's car journey)
-Slow motion to emphasis a moment (when Lydia is gored by the bull).
-Split screen - Marco flash back in a flash back


Key themes in Talk to Her?

-Religion (Catholicism Lydia's faith)