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What two poetic forms were most often added to Biblical texts in cantatas?

strophic poems/odes (hymns, chorales, etc.) and madrigals; Durr Cantatas


Describe the poetic form of madrigals as relating to cantatas.

Song for several voices, non strophic poem, subjective/often amatory content; Durr Cantatas


How does the rest of the St. John Passion clarify that it is not an anti-semetic work?

It calls all to repentance--individuals to deal with individual sin.; Marshall, BN F/12


Describe Bach's religious tolerance.

He worked closely with a Calvinist at Cothen, applied for a Catholic position, and struggled with many Lutherans; Marshall, BN F/12


What does Bach's Bible tell us about his feelings toward Jews?

He ignores the most anti-semetic passages, but writes high praise for David and for Jewish authors; Marshall, BN F/12


What is the theological analog for Bach's use of dance rhythms in the St. Matthew Passion (and other religious music)?

Luther's teaching on the "sweet wounds of Christ"; Wyck, CJ 11/99


Why isn't there a lot of difference between Bach's vocal and instrumental writing?

Because Bach saw all music as sacred--it was all written in praise to God.; Wyck, CJ 11/99


Who was Bach's first biographer?

Nicolaus Forkel (1749-1818); Wyck, CJ 11/99


Describe Pietists. Why does Meredith suggest Bach may have been one?

Pietists were a branch of Lutheranism concerned with personal piety and devotion; Meredith points to the emphasis of "I" in Bach's choice of lyrics to show that he was at least partially Pietistic