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2subsets of liberalism concerning IOS?

1- Domestic institutionalism ( bottom to top)
2- Regime theory ( top to bottom, rules and customs affecting states)


According to constructivism what shapes i.politics? 3!

1. Ideas
2. Interests
3. Actors


Which interaction according to constructivism shapes ideas and interests? 2!

Actors + Structures


Why theories are needed?

They define power and who has it for what and who gives it to them etc...


Which 3 ontologies of IOs are there? Briefly summarize

1. IOs as actors - 1) recognized by states and 2) have impact and power
2. IOS as Fora (forum) - IOS build the stage for state interaction and have legitimizing effect
3. IOS as resources - power of IOs depend on how they are used by whom for what political purposes!