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When a police officer becomes aware of a violent crime or serious safety concern that may affect the safety of students or staff at a school, they shall advise the school principal of the danger and may recommend the school
Lockdown, Hold and Secure, or Shelter in Place, depending on the nature of the threat.
Who decision is it to enforce any of the three?

The Principal


When there is a report of a person carrying a concealed firearm or other concealed weapon on school property,
and there is NO indication that the person poses an immediate threat, should members advise the school to
initiate a Lockdown or Hold and Secure?

NO. This will reduce the possibility of creating a hostage situation or provoking a violent response in the suspect.


The responding officer upon becoming aware of an incident that MIGHT necessitate a school Lockdown, Hold and Secure or Shelter in Place shall inform the principal or designate of the circumstances of the incident and notify who?

 the supervisory officer
 the officer in charge
 notify the Communications Operator – Communications Services which, if any, nearby schools should be advised to consider commencing a Lockdown, Hold and Secure or Shelter in Place