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What is thrombocytosis?

Elevated platelet count (>450,000) in peripheral blood


What are two causes of thrombocytosis?

Reactive thrombocytosis (overproduction of platelets) or clonal thrombocytosis (clonal expression of megakaryocytes). Reactive more common than clonal


What are some clinical presentations of thrombocytosis?

HA, blurry vision, dizziness, atypical CP, limp dysesthesia, erthromelalgia thrombotic and bleeding complications can occur, splenomegal, coexisting leukocytosis and erythrocytosis


What is the standard workup for thrombocytosis?

CBC w/ peripheral smear, serum ferritin, CRP and ESR, Philadelphia chrom, serum EPO assay, JAK2 mutation analysis, bone marrow chromosome analysis.


Which thrombocytosis is rarely associated with bleeding and generally doesn't require specific therapy?

Reactive thrombocytosis


Treatment for acute thrombocytosis?

Vasomotor sxs: ASA, bleeding: D/C NSAIDs and ASA, immediate platelet apheresis w/ a platelet lowering agent in Von Willebrands. Thrombosis: plt >800, platelet apheresis + platelet lowering agent, anticoag therapy 3-9 months


Treatment for chronic thrombocytosis?

Smoking cessation and obesity management. ASA 81mg, cytoreductive therapy (hydroxyurea + ASA)