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I'm going to do something = I have already decided to do it, I intend to do it

A: There's a film on television tonight. Are you going to watch it!
B: No, I'm tired. I'm going to have an early night.

A: I hear Ruth has won some money. What is she going to do with it!
B: She's going to buy a new car.

A: Have you made the coffee yet?
B: I'm just going to make it. (just = right at this moment)

This food looks horrible. I'm not going to eat it.


You can also say 'something is going to happen" in the future (when it is possible to see it). When we say that "something is going to happen',

Look at those black clouds! it's going to rain.
I feel terrible. I'm going to be sick.


Use going to:

You have decided to tidy your room this morning.

Friend: Are you going to out this morning?
You: No, I...

I'm going to tidy my room.


You bought a sweater, but it doesn't fit you very well. You have decided to take it back.

That sweater is too big for you.

You: I know. I...

I'm going to take it back.


You have been offered a job, but you have decided not to accept it.

I hear you've been offered a job.

That's right, but I...

I'm not going to accept it.


You have to phone Sarah. It's morning now, and you have decided to phone her tonight.

Have you phoned Sarah yet?


I'm going to phone her tonight.


You are in a restaurant. The food is awful and you've decided to complain.

This food is awful, isn't it?

Yes, it's disgusting. I...

I'm going to complain.


What is going to happen in this situation?

There are a lot of black clouds in the sky.

It's going to rain.


It is 8.30. Tom is leaving his house. He has to be at work at 8.45, but the journey takes 30 minutes.


He's going to be late.


There is a hole in the bottom of the boat. A lot of water is coming in through the hole.

The boat...

The boat is going to sink.


Lucy and Chris are driving. There is very little petrol left in the tank. The nearest petrol station is a long way away.

(run out)
They ... .

They are going to run out of petrol.