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What are the 4 phases of the restorative treatment plan?

1.Immediate treatment
2.Initial (hygienic or preparatory phase)
3.Reconstructive (corrective) phase


What methods can be used to alter or design a denture?

1. Initial prosthetic treatment
2. Repairs and additions
3. Temporary relines
4. Occlusal adjustment
5. Treatment of denture stomatitis


What aspects of mouth preparation must be considered when designing a denture?

1. Remove retained roots/unerupted teeth
2. Remove pathology
3. Improve contours of Edentulous areas - by reducing bony prominences and hyper plastic soft tissue
4. Eliminate prominent fraenal attachments


What aspects of periodontal treatment or important to assess when designing a denture?

1. Establishing health in periodontal tissues
2. Assess patient motivation
3. Detailed OHI
4. Scaling and root planing
5. Periodontal surgery


When can orthodontic treatment be useful in mouth preparation for dentures?

1. To optimise space
2. To optimise abutment alignment
3. Cleft patients, hypodontia patients, periodontal patients


How should fixed orthodontic treatment be considered in relation to RPD design?

1. It should follow denture design and precede denture construction
2. Establish clinical integrity of teeth before master impressions are recorded
3. Facilitates provision of crowns (and/or teeth)
With guide planes, rest seats etc


Why is tooth preparation for rpds necessary?

1. Provide rest seats
2. Establish guide surfaces
3. Modify unfavourable survey lines
4. Create retentive areas


What is the purpose of rest seat preparation?

1. Produce favourable tooth surface for support
2. Prevent interference with occlusion
3. Reduce prominence of the rest


What features are useful for tooth preparation on maxillary canines?

What tool should be used for preparation

Well developed Cingulum allows prep to stay within enamel.

Use a cylindrical diamond stone with a rounded tip


Anterior mandibular teeth have poorly developed cingulum and the lingual surface is too vertical to avoid penetrating enamel, what alternative method is suggested for rest seats

Incisal rest seats


What is a more aesthetically pleasing alternate to an incisal rest seat?

1. Produce a rest seat in composite applied to cingulum area

2. Bond a cast metal cingulum to tooth


What is the purpose of a rest seat on a posterior tooth?

Reduce marginal ridge


What shape should a posterior tooth rest seat be and why?

Saucer shaped to allow some horizontal movement and dissipation of occlusal forces


How deep should a posterior rest seat be?

Deep enough to allow a rest of at least 1mm thick


What are guide planes?

Two or more parallel axial surfaces on abutment teeth, which limit the path of insertion of a denture


What do guide planes provide in a RPD?

1. Increased stability
2. Reciprocation
3. Prevention of clasp deformation
4. Improved appearance


How can retentive areas be created in the mouth in preparation for RPD’s

Addition of acid etched composite:
- need a broad area of attachment of the restoration to the enamel
- use ultra fine or hybrid composites


What impression material is a better alternative to alginate due to its superior stability, meaning it will not shrink or be distorted over time

Polyvinylsiloxane e.g. extrude (medium body)