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personal selling

relies on interpersonal interactions between buyers and sellers to initiate, develop, and enhance customer relationships


Trust-Based Relationship Selling

- requires that salespeople:
- earn trust
- meet customer needs
- create, communicate, and deliver value


Customer Value

- the customer’s perception of what they get for what they have to give up


Sales Dialogue

- business conversation between buyers and sellers that occur as salespeople attempt to initiate, develop and enhance customer relationships


Purpose of Sales Dialogue:

- clarifying the prospects situation and needs
- determine the prospects strategic priorities
- communicate ability to create and deliver customer vale
- negotiate and earn commitment


Transaction-Focused Traditional Selling:

- primary focus: salesperson and the selling firm
- communication one way


Trust-Based Relationship Selling:

- primary focus: customer and the customer’s customers
- communication two-way and collaborative
- seller needs more knowledge (industry insights, etc)


Sales Professionalism:

a customer oriented approach that uses truthful, non-manipulative tactics to satisfy the long-term needs of both the customer and the selling firm


Contributions of Personal Selling, salespeople:

- generate revenue
- provide market research and customer feedback
- information resources


Stimulus Response Selling

the key idea is that various stimuli can elicit predictable responses from customers


Continued Affirmation Selling

an example of stimulus response selling in which a series of questions or statements furnished by the salesperson is designed to condition the prospective buyer to answering “yes” time after time, until it is hoped, he will be inclined to say “yes” to the entire sales proposition


Mental States Selling

assumes the buying process for most buyers is essentially identical and that buyers can be led through certain steps


Need Satisfaction Selling

- based on the notion that the customer is buying to satisfy a particular need or set of needs
- sales person more dependent upon questioning and listening to uncover the buyers needs


Problem Solving Selling

- extension of need satisfaction, going further to develop alternative solutions


Consultative Selling

- the process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by using the products, services, and expertise of the selling organization


Adaptive Selling

the ability of a salesperson to alter his sales messages and behaviours during a presentation as they encounter different sales situations