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What must one do before driving on to a lane after one has been stopped/parked?

Previously signal their intention to do so


Inside urban areas, when can a driver occupy the central or left lane?

When the driver is choosing the most suitable lane for their destination (marked by direction and confirmation signals)


Inside urban areas, when can a driver change to the central or left lane?

When the driver with due precautions changed the lane in order to change direction, overtake, stop or park


What is due precautions?

Signaling with the Indicator and checking the mirrors and road signs


Outside of urban areas, when are drivers allowed to occupy the central or left lane?

If the right lane is full, they want to overtake or change direction


When can vehicles use road verges and pavements?

Unless prescribed differently in local regulations, they can only use them if these are driveways into buildings


What must cars do in urban areas faced with a bus or coach leaving a bus stop?

Give way


In a crossroad/junction/roundabout what side has priority?

The right side


Does traffic always flow to the right when faced with exit poles, traffic islands etc?

No. If they are placed on a one way road or are placed on a part of the road made for a unique purpose then then the traffic may also or just flow left