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Where do you cut an American Series Lock?

About 2/3rds of the distance up from the keyway


There are two types of padlocks, they are regular and heavy duty. What are the differences

Regular padlocks have shackles of 1/4 inch or less and are not hardened. Heavy duty padlocks have shackle of more than a 1/4 inch and are hardened.


Snow chains shall be applied at the discretion of who? While chains are applied apparatus must not exceed how many MPH?

The officer
30 mph


True or false:
When apparatus is out of quarters for any reason, EXCEPT while responding to fires or emergencies and cross links of chains break or become loose, the officer in command of apparatus shall cause apparatus to stop immediately and have the condition corrected by removing loose or broken links with bolt cutters.



When observing a marked FDNY apparatus/vehicle or voluntary hospital ambulance that is part of the 911 system that does not have a vehicle security decal shall contact the appropriate ___ dispatcher and report the number, type, and location of the vehicle after requesting a MIXER OFF MESSAGE (EMS notify's the city-wide dispatcher)



If a security decal on a fire apparatus becomes damaged the apparatus will? All remnants of the decal shall be?

Remain in service
Recovered and preserved (sent to BFI)


The maximum weight of a stuck vehicle to be recovered with a vehicle recovery strap shall not exceed how many pounds?

20,000 (Engines and ladders exceed this)


Only the frame mounted eye hooks can be used as anchor points with the vehicle recovery strap. Vehicle recovery straps should NEVER be attached to? Recovery from where is the preferred method?

The front or rear bumper


A ___ ft safety zone shall be maintained when using a vehicle recovery strap?