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The service life of an air cylinder is
A) 5 years B)10 years. C) 15 years

C) 15 years


The pressure reducer assembly normally reduces the operating pressure to
A)100 PSI B)125 PSI C)150 PSI

A) 100 PSI


If the sensor module does not sense motion of the SCBA for __ seconds, the Pak-alert SE 7 will signal a pre alarm. If there is still no motion for the next __ seconds, full alarm will sound
A)20,10 B)25,12 C)20,12 D)15,15



The only way to monitor the air pressure in the Fast Pak is by the
A)Remote Gauge B)Cylinder Gauge C)Heads up display

B) Cylinder Gauge


The 5ft high pressure hose on the Fast Pak will administer air to a member's SCBA via the UAC. This will equalize air in both cylinders in approx. ___ seconds
A)30 B)40 C)50 D)60

D)60 seconds


All filtered air respirators provide a _____ level of protection as compared to an SCBA respirator
A) Lower B) Equal C) Higher

A) Lower


Hydrogen cyanide is a gas that is odorless just like carbon monoxide
A) True B) False

B) False, it has a noticeable almond odor


The draeger BG-4 Extended duration SCBA will provide the wearer with up to __ hours of breathable air
A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 8

B)4 hours


When cleaning the SCBA regulator, alcohol and water should only be applied to the regulator surface and exhalation ports, but not directly into the spray bar ports
A) True B) False

A) True


Members may wear contact lenses with their Scott SCBA facepieces
A) True B)False



The Pak-Tracker can be used to locate the signal coming from the SCBA
A) All the time B) Only when SCBA is in pre-alarm C) Only when SCBA is in full alarm

C) Only when SCBA is in full alarm


The Pak-Tracker can lock onto multiple SCBA's at one time
A)True B)False

B) False, it can only lock onto one SCBA at a time but store up to 36


The Pak-Tracker should be used in a quick sweeping motion
A)True B)False

B) False, should be done very slowly, sweeping too fast May average a high reading with a low reading resulting in wrong info


The Pak-Tracker will usually pass through
1)Glass 2)Wood 3)Concrete Walls 4)Light Building Material 5)Metal 6)Brick
A)1,2,6 B)3,6,4 C)1,2,4 D)3,5,6

All others, signal will attempt to pass around objects

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