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who serves as the approving authority for Gender Transitions request?

Commander CG personal service center


who has the overall right to change in DEERS?

Senior executive of (service control coordination cell)


who provides the OIC with all the infor to help a member transform over? and must contact the Oic with how many business days?

Service control coordination cell, 5 business days.


who must diagnose the member with Gender Dysphoria before he can begin the transition?
board question

CG medical officer


Whatever the member is in DEERS shall be what the member is until who makes the overall change?

CG personal service center


OiC must do what 5 things to begin the process?
board question

1. contact sccc within 5 days after receiving a request?
2. review the request in 30 days?
3. assist member
4. fwd to cg psc via flag officer
5. ensure member in chain of command are aware


cg psc recieves the request within 60 days
cg psc must approve, deny, or modify the GTR within 30 days member may appeal

approval process


a member may appeal the GTR process called exemption to policy which will be determined by ?



what are some examples that a member going through change can request? and who has the ultimate decision to grant the permission?

Grooming, berthing, bathroom and shower facilities and CG PSC has the right to grant the request


and exemption to policy can last how long? and can the member extend?

2 yrs and yes only 2 yr increments