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define autograft

A transplant of tissue from one to oneself


define isograft

organs or tissues are transplanted from a donor to a genetically identical recipient (identical twins)


define xenograft

A transplant of organs or tissue from one species to another


define allograft

transplanted organ or tissue from a genetically non-identical member of the same species


What is the federal regulatory body that ensures the success and efficiency of the U.S. transplantation system

Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)


OPTN develops polices governing what specific things?

1. Organ recovery, matching, distribution and transportation
2. Collecting and managing scientific data about organ donation and transplantation
3. National organ waiting list database


What is the non-profit, scientific and educational organization that carries out OPTN regulations concerning organ transplant

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)


what are some of the responsibilities of UNOS

1. collect data about every transplant event occurring in the United States
2. facilitate the organ matching and placement process
3. bring together medical professionals, transplant recipients and donor families to develop organ transplantation policy


what are types of organs that patients are able to receive transplants for

1. kidney
2. liver
3. pancreas
4. heart
5. small bowel
6. lung


what types of organs are translpantend from living donors

1. kidney
2. liver
3. pancreas
4. small bowel (rare)


what are the indications for a kidney transplant

1. Diabetic nephropathy
2. Hypertension
3. Glomerulonephritis
4. Polycystic kidney disease


what are the indications for a liver transplant

1. Alcoholic liver disease
2. Hepatitis B & C (in the U.S.)
3. Hepatic tumors
4. Metabolic disorders
5. Cryptogenic cirrhosis
6. Polycystic liver disease


what are the indications for a pancreas transplant

1. diabetes
2. pancreatic tumor


what are the indications for a heart transplant

1. Cardiomyopathy
2. Coronary artery disease
3. Congenital disease


what are the indications for a small bowel transplant

small bowel syndrome


what are the indications for a lung transplant

1. Cystic fibrosis
2. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
3. Primary pulmonary hypertension
4. COPD/emphysema


what are the absolute contraindications to organ donation

1. Chronic renal disease (kidney only?)
2. Age > 70
3. Potentially metastasizing malignancy
4. Severe hypertension
5. Untreated bacterial sepsis
6. Current IV drug abuse
7. Hepatitis B surface antigen positive•HIV positive
8. Prolonged warm ischemia (down time)


What are the general recipient contraindications for transplants

1. Obesity (BMI > 35)
2. Uncontrolled infection
3. Malignancy (must be cancer free for two years)
4. Continued substance abuse
5. Poor family/social support
6. Uncontrolled psychiatric disorder
7. Medical noncompliance