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What is Physical Geography?

Physical Geography is the study of the Earth's natural features. It is about the land, sea and environment around us. Land forms are natural features formed by rivers, sea, ice and volcanoes.


Why is it important to study Physical Geography?

It is important to study Physical Geography because you need to know your surroundings and where certain places are to find your way around Earth. You can also learn how weather and climate in certain countries change.


What is Human Geography?

Human Geography is the study of where and how people live. It is also about people and place sand how they affect each other.


Why is it important to study Human Geography?

It is important to study Human Geography you can understand culture and architecture. It is also important to learn how to fix issues in other countries where they might not accept a certain race, religion etc.


What is Environmental Geography?

Environmental Geography is the combination of the Human and Physical components which make up Geography. It is how people can protect or harm the environment.


How do you question in Geography?

Use Who, What, Where, Why, When and How.