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How is a proscenium stage designed?

So actors are always facing the audience


Are proscenium stages good for scenery? Why?

Good for scenery because it can be to the side and behind performers so it doesn't block the view


Are proscenium stages good for special effects?

Good for special effects like pyrotechnics


What is the one drawback of a proscenium stage?

Distance, the audience is directly in front of the stage or too far away


What two features do a thrust stage have that make it a cross between a proscenium and an arena?

A proscenium arch far upstage and the main acting area juts into the audience


How many sides does an actor have audience on in thrust stage?

3 sides


How close is the audience compared to an arena or proscenium stage?

Closer than proscenium, farther than arena


What is important to keep in mind about scenery on a thrust stage?

It must be kept far upstage


What can be used further downstage on a thrust stage?

Set props like furniture


Where would an audience member be sitting to find it difficult to see actors faces in a thrust stage?

The far side bays


Where are special effects possible on a thrust stage?

Far upstage


What can be used on a thrust stage but only upstage?

Special effects and scenery


What is the disadvantage of a thrust stage?

It's hard to see actors faces when they're far downstage


What is the advantage of a black box theater?

It's very flexible


What is the main advantage of an arena stage?

Getting the max number of audience members close to the actors


What're three things you can't do with an arena stage?

Have a lot of large set pieces, special effects, or still actors


What's something the audience will be able to appreciate on an arena stage?

Detailed props


Why must actors stay moving on an arena stage?

People behind the actor can only see the actors back


What is a good thing for actors to do on an arena stage?

Play the diagonal so actors are in their most open position