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Global effects of climate change

Rising sea levels- 10 to 20cm in last 100 years, arctic sea ice thinning- 2014 saw an all time low


How can volcanic activity cause climate change

Can reduce global temps as the dust and ash that goes into the atmosphere. These volcanic materials reflect incoming radiation back to space cooling earth.


Example of eruption that caused cooling

Mount Pinatubo in 1991 resulted in cooling 0.4 degrees


How do sun spots cause climate change

They are storms on the suns surface that are marked by intense magnetic activity and play host to solar flares and hot gassy ejections from the sun. Increased sunspot activity occurs at times of hot temps


How does burning fossil fuels create climate change

They release co2 into the atmosphere when burnt


How does agriculture create climate change

It uses a lot of fossil fuels in production of fertilisers and pesticides and transportation of food. Keeping animals in large quantities for meat or dairy produces lots of methane.


How does deforestation cause climate change

Forests absorbs co2 in their trees due to the process of photosynthesis. When forests are cleared, co2 is released into the air. A fifth of greenhouse gas emissions comes from deforestation


What are renewable energy resources

Wind, solar, hydro electric power (HEP), Nuclear


Advantages of wind energy

Never runs out, UK gets lots of wind, price of wind energy is stable and won’t go up


Disadvantages of wind energy

Local concern about noise, more expensive than fossil fuels, wind level fluctuate


Advantages of Solar energy

No pollution given off, can be used in remote locations


Disadvantages of solar energy

Expensive, only generates in daylight


What is HEP

Energy generated from movement in water, lakes, rivers, etc


Advantages of HEP

Doesn’t release co2


Disadvantages of HEP

Impacts environment


What is nuclear energy

Electricity generated from energy that is released when atoms of these minerals are split or joined


Advantages of nuclear energy

Only produces a small amount of co2


Disadvantages of nuclear energy

Expensive, safety concerns, radioactive nuclear waste


What is carbon capture

Trapping the co2 while we continue burning fossil fuels


What are possible sites for carbon capture

Unminable coal seams, old oil and gas wells