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Fur Winter Hat will be worn when?

Extreme weather conditions


Watch cap will be dictated by inclement weather, extreme cold and exposure to

Temps below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for extended period of time


Class c uniforms will be mandatory when?

Class b uniforms will be mandatory when?

Class C June 1-August 31
Class B November 16 - March 14


Options of wearing class c dates are ?

Options of wearing class b dates are?

March 15-May 31
Sept 1 - Nov 15


Winter uniforms maybe ordered when ?
Summer uniforms ordered when?

March 1-30
September 1-30


Personnel who lose or damage any issued items what do what?

Submit a special report to their commander


To ensure compliance with uniform guidelines each ofc , Cpl, Sgt, will be inspected how often ?
Where will the records of this be kept ?

Monthly basis
MDTA police personnel inspection report


Inventory will be performed how often
Completed at the end of months what ?

Semi annually
June December