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What are the four classification of uniforms in HFD?

Dress, Class A, Class B, Class C


How must the hfd ID badge be worn?

The ID badge must be worn in a highly visible location, and it must display the member's current ems certification.


Which uniforms must members maintain in their personal station lockers?

A minimum of one class a, class b, and class c.


On which uniform are paramedics required to wear their HFD paramedic patch?

Class B. Paramedics approved by the medical director of HFD.


Specialty patches such as haz mat, tech rescue; shall be worn on which side of the class B shirt?

On the right shoulder opposite the HFD patch.


Where shall the name tag be placed on the uniform shirt?

Name tags shall be centered above member's right shirt pocket. The bottom of the name tag shall be even with the top of the shirt pocket.


How shall a service pin be worn on the uniform shirt?

One city issued service pin may be worn. It must be centered on the member's right shirt pocket below the name tag.


Where shall specialty designator pins be worn on the uniform shirt?

A specialty designator pin shall be centered on the middle of member's left shirt pocket flap.


When shall the maternity uniform be made available to employees?

The maternity uniform shall be made available to classified pregnant employees at the time the physical appearance and or comfort f the pregnant member necessitates.


For male members, describe how hair shall be worn.

Hair shall be proportioned and may cover to mid-ear level.
Hair at the back of the neck shall not extend below the bottom of the collar when the uniform shirt is buttoned and the he'd is an upright position.
Hair will not be worn in an extreme fad or style such as but not limited to cornrows, pigtails, Mohawks, track designs, duck tails etc.


Describe the restrictions regarding facial hair.

Mustaches shall be trimmed so that the full upper lip is exposed.
Shall not extend more than 1/2" below the corners of the mouth.
Lower lip whiskers are permissible, but cannot be wider than 1/2" below the lower lip.


Describe the sideburns restrictions.

Sideburns shall not be flared more than 1/2" at the bottom than the top.
Bushy or a similar style such as mutton chops are not permitted.
Sideburns shall not extend below the bottom of the earlobe, and shall end in a clean horizontal line.


What jewelry are members allowed to wear? Male.

One ring per hand and a watch.
One neck chain is permissible if worn on the inside of the shirt and can go unnoticed and is not of the choke type.
No bracelets except medical alert type.
The wearing of earrings is expressly prohibited.


Describe body piercing and finger nail restrictions for male members.

Body piercings are not authorized while in uniform.
With the exception of a clear tongue retainer, no other body piercing retainers are permissible.
All personnel will have fingernails that are neat and trimmed so as not to extend more than 1/8" beyond the finger tips.
Nails are not to interfere with the efficient operation of HFD equipment.


Describe some hair, jewelry etc. restrictions for female members.

The hair of all female members will not be worn in such a way as to interfere nor inhibit the proper wearing of the class A uniform cap, nor the proper wearing of the face piece or fire helmet when worn in conjunction or independently
No extreme fads or styles such as pigtails, Mohawks or track designs.
Non flammable hair restraints may be worn but must match the hair color or be black or brown and have no ornamentation.
One ring per hand, one watch
One neck chain worn inside the shirt and unnoticed,not of the choke type.
No bracelets except the medical alert type.
Stud earrings may be worn. Diamond, gold or silver. Shall not exceed 6mm in size. Only one earring per lobe is permitted.