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what is a natural hazard ?

a natural hazard is a natural process which could cause death or injury to humans or destroy property and possessions


what is natural disaster?

a natural disaster is a natural hazard that has actually happened


two types of natural hazard

geological hazards-hazards to do with land and tectonic processes (volcanoes,earthquakes...)

meteorological hazards-hazards that are caused by the weather and climate (tropical storms...)


factors that affect hazard risk

vulnerability-(closer you are more damage or the more people the more damage.....)

capacity to cope-(e.g HIC are better able to cope so there is a lower risk of them being affected)

nature of natural hazard-(type,the risk of some hazards are greater then others)


primary affects

the primary affects of a natural disaster are their immediate impacts caused by the hazards (buildings destroyed ,roads damaged....)


secondary effects

secondary effects happen later on ,often as a result of primary effects (e.g food shortages cause of damaged crops , lack of jobs as buildings of companies have been damaged)



examples of immediate:
-evacuate people
-treat the injured
-recover dead bodies
-provide temporary electricity/shelter

examples of long-term:
-repair or rebuild homes
-reconnect broken water pipes or electricity
-improve forecasting....