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What is a fuel

A fuel is a substance which gives out energy when it is burned.


What are the three fossil fuel and how are they formed?

Coal, Oil and natural gas are formed from dead plants being compressed into the earths crust for millions and millions of years ago.


What is a finite resource and why can fossil fuels be described as a finite resource?

A non-renewable resource, is a source that will eventually run out. Fossil fuels can be described as a finite resource, as there is a limited supply and they will run out.


What is the process used in oil refining called and what property of liquids is used to separate liquids in distillation is?

Distillation and boiling points


What is crude oil?

Crude oil is the oil found under the ground, it is a mixture of many different compounds.


What happens to crude oil during the process of fractional distillation?

The oil is split into fractions which are groups of substances with similar boiling points.


What is a hydrocarbon?

A hydrocarbon is a compound containing only hydrogen and carbon.


Name the two systems used to name hydrocarbon?

Alkanes and Alkenes


What is an Alkane?

An alkane contains only a single bond of electrons.


What is an Alkene?

An alkene contains one carbon to carbon double bond.


Why can you not get an alkene with only one carbon atom?

To get an alkene there must be a carbon double bond, which is not possible with only one carbon.


Name of all the prefixes used and what do the prefixes end with when it’s an Alkane and an Alkene?

Meth, Eth, Prop, But, Pent, Hex
Ane and Ene


What are some problems with fossil fuels?

Carbon dioxide released into atmosphere, greenhouse effect, incomplete combustion, sparking in air and acid rain.


What are some alternative energy sources and what is a renewable energy source?

Solar power, wind turbines, wave/tidal power, biomass, biodiesel, hydrogen and ethanol. A renewable energy source is a source that will not run out.


What 3 things are needed for the fire triangle and name the different type of fire extinguishers?

Fuel, oxygen and heat
Fire blanket, water, sand, foam carbon dioxide.


What is the process of photosynthesis?

The process of photosynthesis, is the process plants go through to produces their own food.


What is the word equation for photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide + water —> Glucose + Oxygen


What three things does a plant need to take in to allow photosynthesis to occur?

Carbon dioxide, water and light.


What is the name of the green pigment in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight?



What are two products of photosynthesis and why is the process of photosynthesis vital for our survival?

Glucose and oxygen. Plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis which we need to breath plants are the only living things that can make their own food to provide energy for us.


What is respiration and what is the word equation for respiration?

Respiration is the reverse of photosynthesis.
Glucose +oxygen —> Carbon dioxide + Water


What is the link between photosynthesis and respiration and what are 3 uses of energy released from the body through respiration is?

Photosynthesis and respiration are the opposite of each other, the products from one reactants from the other.
Movement, warmth and thinking.


What are carbohydrates made up of and what can carbohydrates be split into — & —?

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
They can be split into sugar and starch.


What are fertilisers used for and what are the 4 main nutrients required for healthy plant growth?

Fertilisers are used to provide plants with many different nutrients for faster/stronger plant growth.
Nitrate, phosphate, Potassium and Magnesium are the 4 main nutrients needed for plant growth.


What is fermentation?

Fermentation is the process of converting carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide using yeast or bacteria in conditions where oxygen is not present.


What is the word equation of fermentation and what are some uses of fermentation?

Glucose —> Alcohol + Carbon dioxide
-Used in the production of alcoholic drinks
- Bread making
- Preserving food