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What is an evaluation criteria question and what are they used for?

An evaluation criteria question is a question that is made from the constraints and considerations to ask about the finished product. The are used:
- To help focus the designer on the requirements of the problem when designing
- To apply to design options and assist in choosing the preferred option
- To apply to the finished product and determine how well it satisfies the design problem
- To evaluate the production processes and production


Whats the difference between a client and an end user?

A client pays for the product and requests what they want made whereas the end user is the person who will wear the product. They can both be the same person or it could be a mother requesting a garment for their child to wear.


What types of research might be undertaken for different products?

themes, colours, styles, like items, measurements, survey of typical end-users of your product, materials, methods, sustainability, design features.


What is primary research?

Primary sources are obtained first-hand. These include observations, testing, measuring, weighing, collecting material samples, trialling construction techniques, taking photos and carrying out surveys.


What is secondary research?

Secondary sources are published accounts of information supplied by others. These include magazines, books, journals, and the internet. This is typically information on ergonomics and materials.


Why is it good to do both primary and secondary research?

Gaining input from many sources promotes flexibility in your approach and helps broaden your knowledge before you start designing.


What are the benefits of designing as a team?

- It brings multiple ideas and intellects together
- Team members can bounce ideas off others rather than make all the decisions by themselves.
- When the workload is distributed it can speed things up because the human brain is only capable of holding only so much information at once.
- Through team interaction, more energy and enthusiasm is created, which can improve motivation and relieve monotony.


advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing as a team?

advantages- quicker, people specialise in certain areas e.g. zips, ideas are bounced off team members
disadvantages- disagreements which can lead to limited individual creativity and unequal participation can occur with some team members doing more of the work,


describe difficulties of designing as a team?

disagreements, everyone has different opinions, some creative ideas may be disregarded as there are so many ideas, difficulty choosing which ideas to go with


3 Methods of communication when working as part of a team

-always remember to ask each team member for their opinion
-accept each team members opinion no matter what you think of it at first
-be prepared to consult each other at each stage of the design process


Why is it important for team members to have certain roles?

So each team member knows what the are doing to work together to get to the final product and so they stick to the decisions that are made


Why is it important to document team decisions?

Each team member should record their progress as evidence of work completed. It is also important to make sure your team is on track and doing what is necessary to complete the garments correctly and by the requested date. So you remember what stage you are up to. Write what you need to do before hand so you can keep up to date.


Define collaborate

to work jointly with others or together to produce a range of products or one product that solves the clients problem.


Define constructive criticism

criticising what someone has done but suggesting how they can improve it and offering to help them use an alternative approach to fix it while respecting their ideas.


Why is both critical and creative thinking important?

In the design process it is important that both forms of thinking are used together to work on solutions to solve the problem. When you are looking at strategies to and approaches both sides of thinking can help. Creative thinking is important so you can make something new and unique but critical thinking is just as important so you can figure out what skills are required to make the garment.


Define negotiation

working together in discussion to reach an agreement that suits everyones ideas, may require some people to change their ideas a bit to suit everyone else on the agreement.



a spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems, could include drawing a mind map of ideas to solve the clients problem.


What should you include in a design option drawing?

annotations to elements relating to design brief and design features, materials, zips


Why are ec questions written before we design?

So we cover everything that is requested in the brief when designing.


Examples of ec questions?

was the garment made to a high standard?
did I stay to the budget of $40?
Is the garment appropriate for winter outdoors?


How can you tell if a product is of a high quality?

good quality fabric and stitching, pressed seams, cut threads, zip put in well


What is a risk assessment and what is the importance of it when planning for production? Give examples

aims to predict and eliminate, or lessen possible accidents and injuries through safety controls in the work place e.g. cut fabrics on flat surface, keep workplace tidy to avoid tripping, and take regular breaks


define product range

a group of products that are linked in some way, either by unifying design elements, the type of product, the material used or a theme.


When and where was the pop art movement occur/was most in vogue?

Pop art started in the 1950’s and employed familiar culture imagery from advertisements to art with bold colour combinations. Shortly after pop art design started it began to appear in the fashion industry. Pop artists introduced a bright palette of colours and print form which was used as inspiration by many designers from that time and still do to this day. This movement was most in vogue during the later 1950’s to early 1960’s as more people began to see this design and enjoy the bright, bold colours.


Who were the significant designers of pop art?

-Andy Warhol is one of the first major pop art icons and became an influential figure in the fashion world. He was also one of the first illustrators to turn his art into fashion items. In the sixties he began to print his art designs on paper dresses and they tackled the idea of disposability of consumer goods. One of his most recognisable paper dresses was the Souper Dress. Warhol’s work continues to inspire contemporary fashion designers to this day.
-Roy Lichtenstein is a famous comic artist that has inspired many fashion designers to incorporate his work into their designs. His designs have inspired footwear brands such as nike, vans and converse to use his prints.


What were the philosophy/beliefs for pop art? Did it start any new trends/innovations?

The art reflects the thinking of the artist in wanting to grab the attention of the viewer with bold colours and lines. Art is mostly a critique of consumer society but pop art can celebrate the good of it. Pop art shows that even the most ordinary object can become art, it’s just in the way it is presented by the artist. Warhol started the trend of the paper dresses which tackled the idea of disposability of consumer goods and turning it into art.


What materials were prominently used for pop art?

In furniture plastic was mostly used to express pop art designs because it expresses consumerism and was thought to be the material of the future. In fashion a wide range of materials were used and designers tried to push boundaries and use different ways to convey their message in their design. Many pop art designs were printed onto fabric and used in fashion. Warhol’s paper dresses were made from recycled wrappers such as soup and candies.


How are the aesthetic features shape, colour and texture used in pop art?

There is lots of red used in these designs to make the design stand out on the white. The shapes stand out and really pop. Textures like cotton and paper in the paper dress is used and bold colours are used. The designers wanted to grab the viewers attention with bold shapes and to convey their message.