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Explain the purpose of religious traditions

- Provides a person security and hope.
- Help understand the meaning of life, death and suffering.
- Explain creation and provide a structure of social behaviour and treatment of nature.
- Provide comfort, support and hope during difficult times.


Describe the different natures of an ultimate reality

Transcendent: beyond the material world
Impersonal: does not have any human characteristics
Personal: is a conscious individual being
Immanent: is involved in the world and not separate from it


How do Christians describe the nature of their ultimate reality

- Believe in one God with three different natures, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
- Immanent and personal God through the Father and Son
- Impersonal God through the Holy Spirit.
- Transcendent God which change through the teachings of Jesus who taught people to address God as ‘Abba’, or ‘Father’.


What are the 5 key beliefs Christians have about their ultimate reality?

- Father: God as the Father
- Son: Jesus as the Son
- Holy Spirit:
- Trinity: God is one, Jesus is God and Holy Spirit is also God
- Incarnation: Jesus is fully human and fully divine


What is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient?

- All powerful
- All present
- All knowing
- Supports immanent and transcendent approach of the nature of God


Explain evil/suffering

- Not God's fault
- Given the power of free will
- Sometimes bad things just happen


Explain ultimate reality

Refers to,
- Father
- Son
- Holy Spirit
- Trinity
- Incarnation


Explain afterlife

Christians believe in,
- Heaven: name for a life lived in eternal communion with God
- Hell: for those who reject God's love
- Purgatory: cleansing the soul so one can enter heaven
- Judgement: people appear before God immediately after death for either entrance to Heaven or banishment to Hell


Explain death

- Reminder to humans that they are mortal and life ends
- Completion of all human actions and choices


Explain sacred

- Something sacred to the religious tradition
e.g. the Bible


Why do humans exist?

- Is a gift from God
- To have life and live it to the full


How was the universe created?

By god over 7 days


What's the relationship between Humans and Ultimate Reality?

- Created in relation with God
- Makes covenants to build relationships
- Jesus is seen as new covenant


What is the relationship between humans and the natural world?

- God's creation as a gift for mankind
- Referred to as "stewards" of the Earth
- Expected to care and maintain it for future generations


What should be the relationship between human beings?

- Created in God's image therefore deserve respect and dignity
- Treat others how you want to be treated
- Love your neighbour as yourself
- Love one another as I have loved you