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Performs and manages intelligence functions and activities to support United States and allied forces.

14NX Intelligence


Operates and manages space and missile operation systems.

13X Space and Missile Operations


What two sub-groups does cyberspace consists of?

Cyberspace Operations 3D0
Cyberspace Systems 3D1


This AFSC is concerned primarily with the function of handling data, information, and knowledge sharing services

Knowledge Ops


This AFSC focuses its attention on the administration of servers and server farms throughout the Air Force worldwide.C4ISR

Cyber Systems Operations


This AFSC deals with the protection of information in the Air Force domain of cyberspace. COMPUSEC,COMSEC,EMSEC

Cyber Surety (Air Force IA)


A small but valuable career field which provides computer analysis, code writers, management functions for the design of new AF and DoD specific software solutions.

Computer Programming


"Help desk" Tier 1 assistance for all computers, telephone, personal, wireless and land mobile radio services

Client Systems


Analyzes and requests radio frequency spectrum space to support fixed and deployed operations

Spectrum Operations


What AFSC is designed to fill crew positions to perform network warfare missions?

Cyberspace Defense Operations 1B4XX


Responsible for ensuring all aspects of the legal contract are fulfilled.

(COR) Contracting Office Representative


What provides the DoD the basis for an enterprise-wide solution to train, certify, and manage the DoD IA workforce

DoDD IA Workforce Improvement Program


Which course focuses on Cyber Specific Planning, Budget Programming, Cyber Command and Control and Staff Relationships.

Cyber 300


Annual Senior leader conference, downward directed by SAF/A6 where all MAJCOM/FOA/DRU Cyberspace leaders gather to discuss high-level strategy for the future of cyber

Scope Warrior