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Trend for atomic radii across a period

It decreases in size because there is a greater proton charge in the nucleus forcing the electrons to get closer to the nuclues


Trend for atomic radii down a group

Increases in size because as energy levels increase outer electrons get farther from the nucleus and are held less tightly


Trend for electron affinity across a period

a general increase (decreases among + ions; increases among -ions), more stable (greater energy charge) as ion approaches meeting octet rule.


Trend for electron affinity down a group (- = energy is released)

a general decrease because as proton charge increases electron affinity and an increase in atomic radii that decreases electron affinities causes it.


Trend for ionization energy across a period

Increases because of increasing proton charge that attracts electrons in the same energy level - it becomes harder to drop electrons as group 15-17 elements what to add electrons, not lose them.Noble gases don't want to lose or gain anything.


Trend for ionization energy down a group

Decreases because electrons down a group are in successively farther energy levels and held less tightly by the nucleus and due to electron shielding - as you go down it's easier to remove an electron


Trend for ionic radii across a period

It decreases thru group 3/13 major increase at group 4/14 then size decreases again because as atoms lose successive electrons, the proton charge is larger and condenses the electron cloud; major increase in size occurs as atoms gain electrons and then size decreases again due to increased proton charge


Trend for ionic radii down a group

increase down a group because of more energy levels


Trend for valence electrons across a period

Increases across a period because atoms are successively filling s and p orbitals - a larger valence shell


Trend for valence electrons down a group

Stays the same; as # of energy levels increase the number of valence electrons stay the same (they are in the same group <-- you know this :) )


Trend for electronegativity across a period

Increases across a period because atoms have greater attraction for electrons as they move towards an attractive electron config


Trend for electronegativity

Decreases down a group because atoms have less proton charge to pull in electrons