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If radial n is injured superior to its branches what are the results

Paralysis of triceps brachii, brachioradialis, supinators, and extensors of wrist


What could cause impingement or damage of radial n superior portions

Saturday night palsy
Post dislocation of numeral jt


What are the characteristic symptoms of a superiorly damaged radial n

Wrist drop- cant extend fingers @ MP joint, wrist flexes since its not opposed by the flexors
Loss of sensation to posterior arm, forearm, dorsal hand, and lateral fingers


If a person has a wrist drop disability, what would likely to have been injured

The radial nerve


What makes up the contents of the cubical fossa

Terminal brachial artery
Biceps brachii tendon
Median n
Radial n
Median cubital vein
Median, lateral antebrachial cutaneous


What unites the ulna the radius

Interosseous membrane


What is the directionality of the heads of radius and the ulna

Radial head: proximal
Ulnar head: distal


What are the ligaments of the elbow

Anular l.
Oblique cord
Interosseous membrane
Radial and ulnar collateral ligament
Joint capsule


How many compartments of antebrachial fascia

Anterior compartment ( flexor )
Posterior compartment ( extensors )


What fascias create the carpal tunnel

Palmar carpal ligament
Flexor retinaculum


Which part of humerus do the extensor muscles attach

Lateral epicondyle and supercondylar ridge


Which part of humerus do the flexors attach to

Medial epicondyle and supracondylar ridge


Most flexors and pronators are innervated by what structures

Median n
Radial and ulnar aa


What are the exceptions to the typical innervations of the anterior compartment of the forearm

Flexor Carpi ulnaris ( ulnar n)
Flexor digitorum profundis ( 1/2 ulnar n)


What are the muscles of the superficial flexor compartment

Pronators teres m
Flexor Carpi radialis m
Palmaris longus m
Flexor Carpi ulnaris


What are the muscle of the intermediate layer of the flexor compartment

Flexor digitorum superficialis


What are the muscles of the deep layer of the flexor compartment

Flexor digitorum profundis m
Flexor pollicis longus m
Pronator quadratus m


What is one common site of impingement of the median nerve in the anterior forearm

Two heads of pronators teres


What is a common site of impingement of the ulnar n

When the ulnar n passes through the cubital tunnel
Formed by the numeral and ulnar heads of the flexor Carpi ulnaris


What muscle is the only muscle to flex the interphalangeal joint of the thumb

Flexor pollicis longus


Which muscle is the only muscle that can flex the DIP

Flexor digitorum profundus


Which muscle is the prime mover of forearm pronation

Pronators quadratus


What is the pathology of medial epicondylitis

Inflammation of the common flexor tendon
Treated with RICE


What motions are lost with an injury to the median n at the elbow/forearm

Loss of flexion to the PIP of digits 1-3
Weakened flexion of the PIP of the 4-5 digits
Loss of flexion in DIPs in the 2-3 digits


What are the characteristics of an injury to the median n at the elbow/forearm

Hand of benediction
Reduced muscle mass in the thenar mm.


True/False: impingement of AIN affects the thenar mm

False the FDP and the FPL are affected, just can't make the "ok" hand sign


What is pronators syndrome

Nerve entrapment of the median n between the heads of pronators teres