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Good things about living in the city

- Everything's nearby
- More entertainment
- No commute time


Good things about living in the country

- Peace and quiet
- No pollution
- No traffic
- More resources
- Cheaper houses?


What are factors affecting land use patterns?

1) Land Value
2)Zoning (laws that control the kind and amount of development in an area, meant to avoid conflict)
3) Technology (land use patterns reflect tech available at the time of development
4) Climate (winter city concept)


Urban Growth refers to the

Actual # of people by which a city's pop grows


Urbanization refers to

The % of a country's total pop living in an urban area


Urbanization occurred because of

Tech and the change in economy

Ex. Tech created new tools + machinery = eliminated jobs = people moving into cities to look for work


What are the 5 stages of Urbanization

Stage 1 (Hamelot) = Stage 2 (Village) = Stage 3 (Town) = Stage 4 (City) = Stage 5 (CMA)


What're Manufacturing Cities

- Exist as people begun to live near factories where they could find jobs


What are Transportation Hubs

- Winnipeg
- Early growth resulted from the fact that it was a major hub for railways


What're Tourist Cities

- develop as a result of physical and human features that people are attracted to see or experience


What are Government Centres

- may provide services to people at a local, regional or national level
- ex. garbage collection, healthcare, hydro electricity


What are Resource Based Communities

- been established and developed due to resources


What's the Greater Golden Horseshoe and what're Greenbelt Communities

The GGH and Greenbelt communities are communities that surround Lake Ontario. It's permanently protected green space. This includes, farmland, wetlands, forests, watersheds, where they're located in Southern Ontario?


What're characteristics of Rural Settlement?

- Low pop density
- Dispersed pop distribution


What're factors of settlement

- Kind of resources found in the area
- Transportations methods
- Role played by government policy


Factors led to 3 distinct settlement patterns

- Long Lots - Southern Quebec
- Concession System - Southern Ontario
- Section System - Prairies


Where are Long Lots developed

Along waterways


When were long gots settled

Setled before the Dominion land survey system was implemented


In long lots, what were people taxed by?

The width of their farms