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(3) types of Atherosclerosis –athero-thrombosis



causes of an arterial occlusion

Atherosclerosis –athero-thrombosis

•Embolism (Cardiac, Arterial to arterial)
•Pro-coagulant state
•Low flow state
•Thrombosed aneurysm
•Fibro-muscular hyperplasia
•Advential cysts


Define Claudication pain

Calf pain on exertion (+/- thigh, +/- buttock)
•Onset and severity related to workload
•Relieved with rest


Define Ischaemic rest pain

•Should only be in the most distal part of the limb
•Implies that perfusion is so poor that anaerobic metabolism is present in skin and nerves of extremity

•Matters whether foot perfusion is aided by gravity
•Patients awake with burning pain in extremity
•Often sit up and hang feet over edge of bed for relief
•In worse case, spend all night sleeping in a chair


3 types/consequences of Critical limb ischaemia (CLI)

•Ischaemic rest pain

Measure ankle pressure & toe pressure.


(3) Patterns of lower limb occlusive disease

•Aorto-iliac (inflow)
•Femoro-popliteal (outflow)
•Tibial / crural


Claudication interventions

Angioplasty +/- stenting
•best for short segments
•better in proximal arteries

•short segments

•longer blocks


Describe Sudden / severe ischaemia pain

(usually an embolus)
•sudden onset
•altered feeling
•pale / mottled extremity
•pain on using muscles or paralysis of muscles (especially weakness of anterior compartment muscles)

Later pain in extremity lessens as nerve function ceases due to ischaemia


Pathology of aneurysm

•Destruction of elastin
•Eventual failure of collagen
•Local inflammation (matric proteins, metallo-proteinases)

Rupture is uncommon less than 5cm


Rx aneurysm

Primary prevention
•Cigarette smoking embargo
•Control of hypertension?

Secondary prevention for rupture
•Screening and treatment of those aneurysms > 5 – 5.5 cm

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