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Types of vascular malformations?

Capillary - port wine stain
Lymphatic - develop when lymphatics fail to connect to venous drainage.
Venous- Low flow anomalies of vessels.
Arteriovenous - fast flow AV shunts that bypass high resistance capillary beds.


Pathnognomonic finding in Klippel-Tenaunay syndrome?

Embryonic sciatic vein - runs from dorsal aspect of the foot and terminates in femoral or iliac vessels.
- dilates overtime due tot valve incompetence.
*Deep venous system may be absent.


Capillary malformations presentation?

-present at birth- flat pink/red patches (highly variable size/location)
-Limb length discrepancy may be present if located on the extremities.

-may signal underlying Neuro abnormalities.


Lymphatic malformations presentation?

Highly variable presentations- cystic mass, angiokeratoma, chylous leak, Gotham-stout, generalized lymphatic anomaly, lymphedema.


Venous Malformations Presentation?

-may be seen at birth or later, usually in the skin/soft tissues.
-Grow in proportion to that of the child.

-GI Venous malformations

- Blue rubber bleb nevous syndrome- multiple small venous malformations in the skin(palms and soles) and GI tract.


GI venous malformations location and presentation?

-Most common left colon and rectum focal lesions
- may see perineal discoloration
-can cause extensive GI hemorrhage
-Risk for portal venous thrombosis.


AV malformation presentation?

- at birth appear like faint capillary stain
-develop palpable thrill under the skin with age
-manual compression can cause bradycardia
-bleeding, ulceration and heart failure are late consequences