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What precautions should you take when crossing other vehicles?

You should:
-Maintain a lateral distance enough to prevent accidents
-Maintain firm the direction of the vehicle
-Moderate speed in places with side wins
-Use crossing lights at night


What is the rule for giveaway in a lane that is partially obstructed?

The driver that has to use the left hand side to go around the obstacle is the one who should giveway


What is the rule for gave way on too narrow lanes?

The driver that has arrived last must give way
In lanes with strong inclinations, the driver that goes down has priority


What is the general rule for reversing?

The driver that is closest to a place where crossing is available should be the one to reverse


What is the rule for reversing when distances from where a crossing is possible are equal?

-A light vehicle should reverse when facing a heavy vehicle
-A heavy goods vehicle should reverse when facing a heavy passenger vehicle
-Those vehicles without trailer should reverse when facing those with a trailer
-Vehicles in the same category:
The vehicle going up should reverse


In places where crossings are not possible, what should drivers or large vehicles do?

Vehicles with a trailer of more than 2m in width and 8m in length should reduce speed or even stop