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Are standardised forms needed when a vet prescribes a CD? What needs to be written on the prescription?


"prescribed for the treatment of an animal under my care"


How long should veterinary prescriptions be retained for?

5 years


Human private prescriptions for schedule 2 and 3 CDs must be submitted to the relevant agency to track CD prescribing. Does this therefore apply to Vet private prescriptions for CD's?


Just retain in pharmacy for 5 years


How many days worth of treatment for Vet CD's is considered good practice?

28 days max quantity


Unless ongoing treatment needed e.g. epilepsy in dog

(differs to human which is 30 days)


What specific thing relating to the Vet needs to be present on Rx's for schedule 2 and 3 CDs?

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons reg number

(for human CD's: need a specific prescribed identification number on the standardised form so that prescribing of CDs can be tracked).


How long are are vet prescriptions for CD's 2 and 3's valid for?

28 days

All the normal CD Rx requirements are followed as for humans e.g. total quantity in words and figures


Would an EU unlicensed vet medicine be allowed to be prescribed in the UK?

NO- EU Vet medicines are allowed under the veterinary cascade but they must be licensed!

Note: only EU VET medicines- not human medicines


Which should be first line: Prescribing a licensed human medicine for an animal Prescribing a licensed Vet medicine for another species or in a different condition

1) Prescribing a licensed Vet medicine for another species or in a different condition (basically Off-label)

2) Prescribing a licensed human medicine for an animal


What are the requirements on a Vet Label?


What are the extra requirements on a Vet label when compared to a human label?

For animal treatment only

Pet details and Owner details

Expiry date if not on box

Warnings for owner re administration etc


If a veterinary prescriber is prescribing something under the cascade, what is it recommended they also include on the prescription to maximise safety (bar all the appropriate wording shit)?

Any safety warnings/ advice that should be included on the label


In general, considering record keeping either involves 2 years or 5 years, what is the general rule (not just for vet stuff- for EVERYTHING)?

2 years for things to do with CDs and private Rx's:

- CD register (from date of last entry) (legal) 

-Requisitions (send off but keep copy) order records etc (legal)

-Invoices for schedule 3 and 5 CDs (legal)

- POM book- 2 yrs last entry, private prescriptions (legal)

-MUR/ NMS records (legal)


5 years for:

-Vet prescriptions- POM-V and POM-VPS (legal)

-Responsible Pharmacist record (from date of last entry) (legal)

-Extemporaneous dispensing records (legal- community, 13 yrs reference hospital)