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What could cause rash/arthralgia syndrome?

Viral- Dengue fever, alpha-viruses (CHIK, RRV, BFV), flaviviruses, measles, rubella, VZV, HIV seroconversion
Bacterial - Neisseria, Rickettsia, syphillis


What are the symptoms of RRV?

dominated by lethargy and arthralgia/arthritis (some people may never have symptoms) (rash only present in about 50% of people)


Which macropod is the main resevoir for Ross river virus (an alphavirus), and what vector transports this to humans (usually)?

- A mosquito


What are the three major clinical presentations of arboviruses?

1. Rash/arthralgia (esp alpha viruses)
2. Encephalitis (esp. Flaviviruses)
3. Haemorrhagic fevers (esp Flavi/Bunya viruses)


What is an arbovirus?

An arthropod-bourne birus. These are RNA viruses, and the most important cause of disease in a returned traveller.
The three main groups are alphaviruses, flaviviruses and Bunyaviruses


How are Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest Viruses (alphaviruses) distinguished from each other?

BFV is more likely to have a rash than RRV, and is milder in symptoms and duration


In regards to Chikungunya virus, what is the reservoir, the vector, and the distinct characteristic of it's fever?

Reservoir - monkeys
Vector - Aedes mosquito
Fever - saddle-back fever curve


When is EBV usually acquired?



Which virus is characterised by infectious mononucleosis?

EBV/glandular fever, and CMV


Which cancers are associated with EBV infection?

Burkitt's lymphoma, and Nasopharyngeal carcinoma


How would you diagnose EBV?

By using serology - you wouldn't use PCR because people shed the virus their whole lives


What are common complications of EBV?

Splenomegaly, hepatitis, rash, thrombocytopaenia.
More rare complications include Burkitt's lymphoma, encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis

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