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Fire prevention inspection records which are older than ___ years may be discarded if they have no further value to the Fire Department



Company records is what Book?

Book 55


All Hazardous Materials exceeding ___ gal for liquids are required to be disclosed by an occupancy for inspection.

55 gal


All Hazardous Materials exceeding ___ cu. ft. for gases are required to be disclosed by an occupancy for inspection.

200 cu ft


All Hazardous Materials exceeding ___ Ibs. for solids are required to be disclosed by an occupancy for inspection.

500 lbs


For every inspection of a Business that handles Hazardous Materials, a BP-8 and the HMIF SHALL BE FORWARDED to what unit?

Data Management Unit, Technical section


Forms- The F-8 Roster Change form shall be completed within ____ hours once a member has had a change in contact information or marital status.

Within 24 hours


Forms- How long shall the F-80 Supplies and Requisition form be kept on file at the station?

3 months after the supplies were received


Forms- The F-84B Witness card shall be forwarded through channels with the rest of the accident packet to the Bureau Commander and will eventually end up at what section?

Personnel services section


What form is for the Accident Witness card?



What form is used for a Roster Change?



What form has the overlay record for hose and SALVAGE covers assigned to the station?

Where is this form stored?

F-122 Overlay Form- Hose and Salvage cover records

Stored in book 55


Forms- What form is used to keep an accurate record of all hose and salvage cover changes?

Where is this form stored?

F-128 Hose and Salvage Cover Record

Book 55


Forms- What number form is the Equipment Loan Receipt?

Where is it carried?


On the apparatus


Forms- How long is a Fire/Life Safety Violation (F-340 A,B,C,E) retained for?

3 years


Forms- What form number is to be used by all members to request correction of fire and life hazards and code violations?

F-340 A,B,C,E


After issuing a Fire/Life Safety Violation (F-340), the re-inspection date shall not be over ____ days in the future.

30 days


After issuing a Fire/Life Safety Violation (F-340), if it is obvious to the member making the re-inspection that, due to the progress made, there would be complete compliance if granted an extension, such extension may be granted but not to exceed ____ days.

15 days


Forms- If any member is not able to secure compliance of Fire Code violations through normal procedures, they shall initiate which form to request legal action through the FPB?

How long is this form kept on file?

F-290 Request For Legal Action

5 years retained in station files


Forms- Which form is used to require testing, maintenance, and repair of fire protection equipment as per Chief's Regulation Number Four?

How long is this form retained?

F-340D Fire Protection Equipment Performance Certification

Retained 5 years or until next certification


Form F-340D requires testing to be performed within ___ days of the issuing date. Correction of defects shall be completed within ___ days of the initial test date.

30 days and 30 days


Before performing a test to comply with the F-340D (Fire Protection Performance Certification), the certified testing person shall notify the Fire Department at least ___ working days in advance of the anticipated test in order that the Fire Department may observe the test.



Form F-361 Request for Time Off or Vacation Time- Members who are scheduling a floating holiday shall secure a guarantor when scheduling the holiday within ___ days or less.

5 days


Forms- Which form number is used to document the Bi-Monthly Preventive Maintenance?

Where is it stored?




How long shall the F-377 Bi-Monthly Preventive Maintenance Record be retained?

Last six copies in Logbook at all times (1 year)


The F-377 Bi-Monthly Preventive Maintenance Record shall be completed when for heavy apparatus?

Every even month within the first 2 weeks


Which form number is for the Communicable Disease and Exposure Report?

Where is it carried?


On the apparatus


Forms- Which form is stored in the log book and is used to keep statistical information on various types of apparatus?

This information is used by personnel to familiarize themselves with the pertinent information on various types of equipment.

F-701 Statistical Information


Which form number is used to document whenever the apparatus is detailed or transferred?

Where is this form stored?

F-702 Assignment Record

Stored permanently in log book


What form number is used to keep a permanent record of all repairs made to an apparatus?

Where is it stored?


Stored in logbook


What form number is used to keep a record of servicing the batteries of an apparatus?

F-706 Batter Record Starting


How long is the F-706 Batter Record Starting form retained for?

Where is it stored?

Until completely filled in the log book


What form number is used to record the tires that are mounted on an apparatus?

F-710 Tire Record


Which form number is used to list all planned station activities for each shift in the ensuing month?

F-957 Company Activity Schedule


What form number is the Apparatus and Equipment Check Record?

Where is this form stored?


Book 55


How long is the F-973 Apparatus and Equipment Check Record retained for?

Discard one month after last entry


What for number is used by concerned members to maintain a record of reserve apparatus condition, inventory and relief service?

Where is this form stored?


In logbook


How long is the F-974 Reserve Apparatus Condition / Inventory Record stored for?

One year from last entry


What form is used to record the date of issue, dates of usage, and monthly inspections of the lifeline rope system?.

In addition, all inspections, repairs and tests made by Supply and Maintenance shall be listed.

F-975 Lifeline / Rescue Kit Inspection


Where is the F-975 Lifeline / Rescue Kit Inspection form stored?

In Book 55


What form number is the Annual Ground Ladder Inspection Record?

Where is it stored?


Stored in the log book


The F-976 Annual Ground Ladder Inspection Record provides for how many annual inspections of a ladder?



The F-1308 Brush Clearance Notice of Noncompliance form is retained for how long at the station?

3 years

One copy to Brush Clearance unit for 5 years


F-1308 Brush Clearance Notice of Noncompliance - From date of inspection allow ____ days for compliance.

15 days


The F-1308 Brush Clearance Notice of Noncompliance- Provide addresses of all structures that are within ____ ft of the hazard

100 ft


All property owners in receipt of an F-1308 (Brush Clearance Notice of Noncompliance) who request compliance inspections shall be issued a copy of the F-____ by the inspecting member.

F-1307 Brush Clearance Cleaned By Owner Inspection Record

This shall be sent within 24 hours after entry on the F-1308


Forms- what number is the "apparatus yearly mileage"?

Where is it stored?

Station file or logbook (when apparatus is transferred)

2 copies, one copy to S&M


Vol 5:

What form is used by members in condemning appliances or equipment at an occupancy when use would constitute a severe life or fire hazard?

F-336 condemnation tag and attach it to appliance or equipment in question


Vol 5:

What form is used to report hazards in vacant structures and/or hazardous refuse on an improved property?

F-338 interdepartmental referral

Abatement of these hazards is now performed by the Department of Building and Safety.


Vol 5:

What form is used for the fire prevention occupancy report card?



True or False?

Is a F-340 issued for hazards on vacant lots?

False. The lot cleaning division of public works is responsible.


Vol 5:

What form is used by the Fire Prevention Bureau or field officers for written communication between them? It is used to report fire and life hazards, code violations and other information as required.

F-44 inta-departmental memorandum

Keep in records for 3 years


Vol 5:

The station journal (F-2) is used to record a daily history of pertinent information relative to the operationof the command. The journal is retained for a period of ____ after the last entry date at point of origin. It is then forwarded to _____.

1 year

Manual and orders unit


The F-63 shall be used by stations to report the activities of fire prevention inspections and re-inspections. The F-63 shall be forwarded on a ____ basis to the battalion office no later than _____. It is retained for 5 years.


Last working shift of the quarter


Vol 5:

Station Commanders and Unit Commanders shall locate and record the mileage for all apparatus assigned to their command. This includes reserve apparatus in relief at other assignments and apparatus that has been sent to Supply and Maintenance. The F-380 shall be forwarded to S&M by the ____ day after the end of the ____

10th day

Fiscal year


Which form is used for overcrowding in an occupancy?



F-973 apparatus and equipment check record:

1. If the check is O.K., how is it entered in the appropriate column?

2. If the check is not O.K., how is it entered in the appropriate column?

1. Members initials

2. Journal entry shall be made and the page number entered in the column instead

*Exception: enter the weight, instead of the initials, when checking the CO2 extinguisher.


F-976 annual ground ladder inspection form:

In the status column of the ladder form:

1. If a component part is satisfactory, it is marked _____.

2. If not satisfactory it is marked _____ and then in the repairs needed column identify the specific repair(s) needed; i.e., refinish rungs, tighten tie rods, etc.

1. "ok"

2. "R&R"


What two forms need to be signed by all ride-alongs before they can ride the apparatus?

F-1109A visitor waiver
F-1109B Indemnity agreement

These are both used when personal injury might occur to an individual not employed by LA city.

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