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STATE the function of the Water Treatment System

• To produce high quality demineralized water for use in primary and secondary plant systems.


DESCRIBE the flowpaths through the water treatment system by listing components in order of flow.

Start at the FP Tanks (Potable Water)
Carbon Filters
Ultra Filtration Unit
Reverse Osmosis Unit
Electro Deionization Unit
Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers
UV Sterilizer
DM-LV-3446 Water Treatment Supply Valve to DWST


STATE the function of the following component:
Carbon Filters

– remove free chlorine which will damage downstream components (RO unit membranes)
– trap organics that would foul the resin
– filter out particles that will plug the resin


STATE the function of the following component:
Ultra Filtration Unit

– Pretreats water prior to the RO unit. UF removes small suspended particles, bacteria, and silt.


STATE the function of the following component:
Reverse Osmosis Unit

• Removes dissolved solids


STATE the function of the following component:
Electrodeionization Unit

• Removes ionic impurities by using unlike charges to attract ions through membranes.


STATE the function of the following component:
Catalytic Oxygen Removal System

Utilizes a combination of hydrogen injection and a palladium doped anion resin bed to catalyze the reduction of dissolved oxygen in water.


STATE the function of the following component:
Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers

• To remove cations (+) & anions (-) and replace with H+ and OH- to produce “pure” clean water.


STATE where the LMWT system reject water is routed.

pumps to CW (via Roof Drains & Storm Drains) or neutralization tank


STATE the automatic features and tripping actions that occur in the WT/LMWT systems.

Specific Conductivity Trip
> 0.08 micro mhos/cm


STATE the effect of high pressure upstream of DM-LV-3446 on the LMWT plant and DESCRIBE one evolution likely to cause this event, including how to prevent it.

Specific Conductivity Trip or improper valve line up that dead heads the system.
This trip is undesirable as it trips out the whole WT plant.
=> Flush the outlet until Chemistry approves the conductivity specs then open LV-3446 or verify proper valve line up


DESCRIBE the alarms and indications associated with the Ultraviolet Sterilizer Unit.

Power failure (3 minute delay)
Quartz sleeve fouling
Fluid temperature 120F and Thermister overheats (3 minute delay for resetting).