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What is a transverse wave?

The vibrations are perpendicular to the direction of travel


What is a longitudinal wave?

The vibrations are parallel to the direction the waves move in


What is the amplitude of a wave?

The displacement from a rest position to the crest or trough


What is the wavelength of a wave?

The length of a full cycle of a wave


What is the frequency of a wave?

The number of complete cycles of the wave passing a point per second


What is the period of a wave?

The period of a wave is the number of seconds for the wave to compete one cycle


What is infrasound?

Sound waves with frequency of less than 20Hz


What is ultrasound?

Sound waves with a frequency above 20,000Hz


What can ultrasound be used for?

Medical scans and industrial imaging


How is ultrasound used in medical scans?

Ultrasound waves will travel through the body, and some will bounce back when they come to a change in medium, like the skin of a foetus. A computer can then use these bounced back waves to create an image