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What are your three greatest weaknesses?

(1) Public Speaking – I have never been a tremendously confident public speaker in front of large audiences, which is counter-intuitive to me, because I love interacting with people. I have improved upon this skill over the years through a public speaking course during my senior year of high school and again during my senior year of college. I also capitalize on opportunities to present deal opportunities to my group (e.g. TMT meetings)

(2) Balance – I am highly motivated, and as a result, I have a very strong work ethic. I put a lot of pressure on myself; do things 1000% to a fault. However, I could probably make an effort to introduce more balance in my life. I have made an effort to separate work from my personal life by setting aside time to do things that I love outside of work, such as tutoring middle school students, exercising (Pilates), and painting (heads down on Civitas)

(3) Keeping In Touch – I am very focused on my immediate environment and in the past have not been great about keeping in touch with family members or old friends. However, I have made an effort to call home more often and to get dinner with old friends at least twice a month. I also have all of my friends birthdays in my calendar and always call them


What are your three biggest failures thus far? What did you learn from them?

(1) Dyslexia – posed a number of setbacks throughout myself. Realized the power of support networks. Started to give back. Want to help others push their boundaries and realize their potential, whether through hands on community involvement or venture capital investing
(2) FOP Concert – second concert was a flop but turned around and threw massive concert that raised $30K in ticket sales
(3) Congenital Kidney Disorder – difficult to balance work and health, but managed to take care of myself and produce strong results
(4) Microbiology – attribute to the fact that I had not yet discovered my learning style and my heart wasn’t in it. As soon as I realized that I learn best through flashcards and that my true passion was business, I received straight A’s


What are three challenges that you have faced? How did you overcame them?

(1) Dyslexic
(2) Transferring into Wharton
(3) Congenital kidney disorder


Do you think that you have sharp elbows? Do you think you are overly assertive?

Funny because when Mark sat me down to give me my third-year offer, he said one thing I had gotten extremely good at was develop a point of view, clearly articulate it and persuade a room full of partners while maintaining an open mind to other points of views. He told me he had not come across another associate during his time that played with the big boys at such a young age and he encouraged me to continue to be assertive and outspoken. So no, I do not think I have sharp elbows. In fact, quite the opposite. I would like to think my colleagues and friends find me to be easy going and approachable.


What’s one thing that you will never be as good at as others?

Music. I am NOT musically talented


If you could change on thing about yourself, what would it be?

Joke: I wish I had an insane memory like Bradley Cooper in Limitless or Mike Ross in Suits

Serious: I wish I could get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and give a speech without a sweat. It is a skill I know that I can develop over time, just need to practice it


What is the skill that you have to work the hardest on improving?

Public speaking


What is your biggest regret?

Not transferring into Wharton sooner


Tell me about a time when you set a goal an didn’t achieve it

Second FOP concert


Tell me about a time when you had to ask for help

Congenital kidney disorder. I took on a large work load while dealing with health issues. I had to lean on my friends and family tremendously


Tell me about a time when your expectations were not met

Second FOP concert


Tell me about a time when you were a leader and things went badly.

Second FOP concert