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Give two examples of past climate change

- Medieval Warm Period
- Little Ice Ages


How did the medieval warm period affect the climate change?

Higher temperatures meant greater crop yields and growing population due to increased solar radiation


How did the little ice ages affect the climate change?

Temperature was low enough to freeze the Thames due to increased volcanic activity and decreased solar radiation


Give five examples of impacts on the UK's location

- Maritine Influence
- Prevailing Wind
- North Atlantic Drift
- Atmospheric Circulation
- Altitude


How does the maritine influence affect the UK's location?

Most of the air reaching the UK contains lots of moisture as we are surrounding by sea leading to rainfall all year


How does the Prevailing Wind affect the UK's location?

Comes from the south west, air travels long distances over the Atlantic bringing moisture


How does the North Atlantic Drift affect the UK's location?

Ocean currents bring warm water up north, in winter this makes the UK climate milder than expected for its latitude


How does the atmospheric circulation affect the UK's location?

Where warm air comes from the south and cooler air from the North meet causing unsettled weather


How does the altitude affect the UK's location?

The higher an area, the cooler and wetter it is so areas in the UK vary


Give four examples of natural climate change

- The Quaternary Period
- Recent temperature changes
- Solar radiation
- Milankovitch Cycle


What is the Quaternary Period?

Where there have been more than 60 cold periods with ice advances lasting about 100,000 years


How does the recent temperature changes affect?

In the last 250 years the Earths temperature has risen significantly compared to before average temp.


How does solar radiation affect?

Lower solar radiation makes glacial periods more likely to lead to inter glacial periods


What is the three cycles of the Milankovitch cycle?

- Eccentricity
- Axis Tilt
- Precision


What is the axis tilt?

Roughly every 40,000 years the tilt of the Earth varies, the greater the angle tilts the hotter summer and colder winter there are


What are the three circulation cells?

- Hadley
- Ferrel
- Polar


How are tropical cyclones formed

- Rising warm air causes thunderstorms which group together making a strong flow
- An area of very low pressure forms at the centre
- The storm rotates accelerating in and up forming a tropical cyclone


Give three characteristics of tropical cyclones

- Very low pressure
- Cloud banks
- 400km wide and 10km high


Give five hazards associated with tropical cyclones

- High winds
- Landslides
- Coastal Flooding
- Storm surges
- Intense rainfall


Give two natural causes of droughts

- Meteorological
- Hydro-logical


What is meteorological?

Area where receives less average precipitation


What is hydro-logical?

Area where receives less rainfall than normal


Give three examples of drought conditions

- Temporary low precipitation conditions
- High pressure conditions
Located anywhere globally


Give four human causes of climate change

- Industry
- Energy
- Farming
- Transport