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What are tropical storms

An area of low pressure with winds moving in a spiral around the calm central point called the eye of the storm


What are weather conditions like in a tropical storm

Powerful winds and heavy rainfall


How long can tropical storms last

For days or weeks within the tropical regions of our planet


Where are tropical storms found

Between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn close to equator
Most take place in sea areas between continents


Where are tropical storms mostly found (place specific)

The majority of tropical storms happen in the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Asia.


Where do tropical storms occur the least

In the Indian Ocean along the coast of India as sea temp is below 27 in those areas


What does insolation mean

The amount of solar radiation reaching a given area


Where is the most insolation

Between the two tropics, cancer in the north and Capricorn in the south


What does ITCZ mean

Inter Tropical Convergence Zone


What happens in the ITCZ

heated air rises and cools to create huge cumulonimbus clouds and also creates an area of low pressure.


Ways that can predict and monitor tropical storms

Satellite imagery and air rader (help reduce effects of storm to see where the storm might hit and so Hurricane Hunters go into storms to send readings back and give people time to evacuate)


Ways of protection against tropical storms

Shutters over windows, houses built on stilts in case of flooding, built on raised ground, bicycles to give warnings to remote communities, constructed f strong concrete