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what are the 7 main parts of a jewish wedding ceremony

Badeken Ceremony
Wine and 7 Blessings
Giving of Ring
Stamping of Glass
Yichad Room


what is the ketubah

marriage contract / legally binding agreement that outlines grooms responsibilities


what is the baduken ceremony and what does it represent

the veiling of the bride by the groom
represents modesty and shows only soul is important not appearances


what does chuppah mean



what does the chuppah represent

symbol of the home the couple builds together
bride circles 7 times to symbolise creation


what is the wine and 7 blessings and what does it represent

rabbis recite blessings over 2nd cup of wine
wine is a symbol of joy


what is the giving of the ring

groom gives object of value to the bride


what is the stamping of glass and what does it represent

groom puts glass on floor and stamps on it while congregation shouts mozel tov
represents destruction of the temple


what is the yichad room and what does it represent

couple escorted here and left alone for a few minutes
symbolises living together


give 3 similarities between orthodox and reform mourning rituals

body washed and wrapped in white cloth
family sit in shiva


describe the way orthodox jews mourn(6)

body washed and wrapped in cloth
test in clothing to represent story of jacob
body buried within 24 hours in simple coffin
sit in shiva (low stools and covered mirrors to focus on dead person) for 7 days
next 30 days no haircut or attending festivals
one year anniversary candle is lit and prayers


describe what happens during shiva and why

for 1-7 days the immediate family stay inside and sit on low stools to be close to the floor and cover mirrors and don’t listen to music to focus on the dead


describe how reform jews mourn(5)

body washed and wrapped in white cloth
black ribbon worn instead of tear on clothes
body not hurried immediately and cremation allowed
family sit in shiva for 1 or 2 days and music can be played and have haircut
pray for the dead