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Dwight D Eisenhower warns against the _________ in his __________

the military industrial complex in his farewell address


What year was farewell address? What happened next year?

61, in 62 the Cuban Missile crisis happened


For a few weeks during the cuban missile crisis

the us came [this close] to nuclear holocaust


2 leaders involved in missile crisis

kennedy and krusghov


when did manchurian candidate come out?

62, same year as missile crisis


'63 what happens?

JFK assasination


What did the JFK assassination do to 2 films

-delayed dr.strangelove
-made manchurian candidate nearly dissapear


Cold war mentality of the 60s

any second someone could "press the button"


Satire exposes ___________ in order to ______________

exposes follies to ridicule in order to provoke CHANGE


Manchurian candidate took place in

Post-Korean war 1950s


In MC ______ plays Korean War hero



Ice Queen mother of MC

Angela Lansbury


Famous stance MC took on sides

The right is out of their minds, but so is the left


Camera work in garden scene

Slow circular 360 pans w/ subtle changes


Garden scene is a

PTSD nightmare that actually exposes real truth of the plot


Soldiers bizarre experience in MC

kidnapped by communists and brainwashed to believe one of them is a hero


MC is an imaginary game of ______

cards, Sinatra knows somethings wrong & arranged to meet Harvey in NY bar


NY bar scene

Harvey does anything he hears in conversation at bar


Harvey falls for _______ and they _______

Person his mom hates, daughter of political leader, they elope


What does Lansbury want from Harvey?

For him to act as sniper and kill presidential nominee (her husband is vp nominee)


Lansbury's revenge is

on the system for making her son into a robot soldier


Though Lansbury is posing as extreme conservative,

she is working w/ communist china and russians to produce assassin (it ends up being her son)


End of MC

Harvey kills his moms husband, mom, and self


Myth of MC

Sinatra paid off people to keep it under wraps, hard to see for next 20 years


Dr. Strangelove Quote about room

"you can't fight in here, this is the war room"


Mise-en-scene in dr.strangelove

clear & crisp


Dr.S harnesses a ______ use of _______

inappropriate use of vocab (ex. army members with funny names)


How do those in Dr.SL talk about mass murder?

Lightly & with humor, especially those at the top


Russian's secret

the doomsday machine


All planes recalled because of _______ but

because og Go-Code but this planes machine doesn't receive it and keeps going.


Soviet Military shipments of 2,454 tons were discovered on September 23, 1960. The actual confrontation began on October 14, 1962, when U.S. reconnaissance photographs taken by an American U-2 spy plane revealed missile bases being built in Cuba, in response to similar U.S. bases built at the Turkish-Soviet border.

cuban missile crisis


On October 22, 1962, after reviewing newly acquired intelligence, President John F. Kennedy informed the world that the Soviet Union was building secret missile bases in Cuba, a mere 90 miles off the shores of Florida. , Kennedy ordered a naval quarantine (blockade) of Cuba in order to prevent Russian ships from bringing additional missiles and construction materials to the island.

Khrushchev authorized his Soviet field commanders in Cuba to launch their tactical nuclear weapons if invaded by U.S. forces. Deadlocked in this manner, the two leaders of the world's greatest nuclear superpowers stared each other down for seven days


ultimate cmc decision made with un

agreed to remove their respective nuclear weapons


Russian Premier conceded to President Kennedy's demands by ordering all Soviet supply ships away from Cuban waters and agreeing to remove the missiles from Cuba's mainland
and the world...

world breathed a sigh of relief.


number of anti-Communists during the Cold-War period were convinced that the proposals to reduce tooth decay by fluoridating the water supplies were actually

a Communist plot to poison us.
as General Jack D. Ripper puts it in Stanley Kubrick's classic Cold War satire Dr. Strangelove, the fluoridation of the water supply is a -

"Commie" plot to "sap and impurify all our precious bodily fluids."


Satire is a literary technique of writing, or art (cinema), which exposes the follies of its subject (events, individuals, organizations, or states) to ridicule, often as an intended means of provoking, or conversely, preventing - change.



Satire does not sermonize; rather is often implicit, assuming its audience can inherently grasp its underlying moral clues. Satire is witty, ironic, and often exaggerated. It uses extremes to bring its audience to a renewed awareness of its ethical and spiritual danger.



MC based in

Richard Condon's paranoid novel.


Harvey returns from the Korean War a superhero and holder of the

Congressional Medal of Honor


those in harvey's platoon--including his own commanding officer, Sinatra

are vague about what Harvey actually did to win the medal


Sinatra and others put the story together. It turns out

the entire platoon was captured by North Koreans and brainwashed to think Harvey was a hero when, in truth, he had been programmed as a killer.


Harvey goes to work as a journalist, but when his control contacts him with the code________ 1st victim?

he kills without mercy or memory; a liberal columnist-publisher is his first victim



both the Left and the Right, rendering them both dangerous fraternal twins


mc won acclaim for its political themes and the exploration of

the connection between the far left and far right in cold war America


"Manchurian candidate," spawned by the book and later films, refers to

an individual who has undergone brainwashing and / or mind control with the intent of creating a "Sleeper" personality within that individual


type of humor in dr.sl

ebony-black humor


The film revolves around General Ripper’s plan to level the Soviet Union with hydrogen bombs because he does not want the “precious bodily fluids” of Americans polluted by insidious Communist infiltration. Refusing to listen to his assistant, played adroitly by Peter Sellers, Ripper kills himself before revealing the codes needed to recall the bombers already sent on this mission. If the bombers are successful, the Soviet Union’s newly-created Doomsday Machine will automatically launch a nuclear attack on the United States, guaranteeing global immersion in a Third (and probably final) World War.



dr.sl based on

serious thriller novel Red Alert


brainwashed, swaggering, hormonal, men-children. Indeed, Kubrick has great fun by pointing out the parallels between military might and sexual prowess throughout the film, beginning with the refueling B-52 over the opening credits (the planes look like they’re copulating) to General Turgidson’s adolescent obsession with sex and violence.

characters in dr.sl


director Stanley Kubrick decided to adapt Peter George's thriller Red Alert for the screen, he also

recruited the author to help with the script


dr.sl opening

deranged General Ripper declaring a "Code Red", sealing off his airforce base, and ordering a nuclear attack on Russia.


In Washington D.C., an emergency meeting is called to

determine how to react to the crisis.


. Certainly, the "balance of power" nuclear deterrent policy gets the most obvious jabs (although ardent supporters may not see this -- Dr. Strangelove's attacks are subtle enough that it's possible for an unsophisticated viewer to miss the point).



the world was learning to be comfortable with the term "nuclear deterrent," which meant that if

you blow me up, I'm gonna blow you up, and then we'll all be dead.


not men at the mercy of machines, but

machines at the mercy of men


jack d ripper plot

He refuses to reveal the code, which could recall the nuclear-armed planes, and eventually shoots himself while the world careens toward doom.


dr.sl & real life

The film's anti-war fears actually became a plausible scenario, shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy, the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the heated-up intensification of the Cold War and nuclear arms race.


Dr. Strangelove

an eccentric, wheel-chair bound German scientist, a Presidential advisor - similar to real-life Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger, who has an uncontrollable mechanical hand that involuntarily makes Nazi salutes and threatens homicide


Mr. Merkin Muffley

an egg-headed President of the US with a bland American accent, similar to 50s Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson


“erotic displacement” or sexual allegory.

including large phallic cigars, mating airplanes, guns, Ripper's impotent "loss of essence", and the orgasmic atomic bomb that Kong rides between his legs


• The bombs were Inscribed with

"Dear John" and "Hi There"